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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your First Hate Mail Letter : "I'm with Coyote and looking for More.":

~"Mississippi G-Damn," Nina Simone~

Arizona has got me so Upset
but what of California? Here we are
on the precipice of the Pacific
in our Segregated Bedroom hometowns,
Megaboom mansions on the Horizon.
Coyotes from those hills take up the Mic:
We are tricksters and running the Lotto
numbers of Humanity. When you Read
your first Hate Letter in the Department
of Ethnic Studies, what did you Expect?
You thought you were wanted here? Mailbox
of the Woeful Latina, Immigrant
Professor, what say you of such Rapport?
"I'm with Coyote looking for a Door."

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