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Thursday, October 28, 2010

About those Problematic Ads by Sharon Angle T Square

Sharon’s got her angle. adjust your lens.
Move it over to the left, You, me, Her,
just above the nopal en la frente.
Raise the aim up high with all your power.
Wait a second; which one is it ? That’s None
of your Business. They’re one and all the same
Otra vez, Mexicans, its us again
taking the fall for the economy.
Not the banks, commissioners, or loaners?
Who set values at their highest record?
We didn’t. We gangsters, druggies, workers
don’t write the rules. Why you typing our hood?
Say what you want about one another
buey politician, we're not you're fodder.

Ornamental Poetry: L.A. to D.F. desde el Norteado

From foil, poetry takes what Ornament requires—
a background –no a contrast, what? What is it?
There is Is.  It’s a question by voice. Creacionismo,
Neoplatonic, Emersonian, WCW, Ian Copestake
Etc. Lettered Friends.  On the Line. Let’s forego
Further interference, ah here comes le Francais.
French symbolists—how dare you.  Beginning
with Baudelaire who pushed in “1860 became an
Ardent supporter of Richard Wagonnger. Yeh,
I know, a Misspelling.  Oh Well, its still comprehensible
with oil paint words. He's just turned on Angel Baby
by Rosie and the Originals can you hear it?

From foil as Foil is an embellishing the Jewel.
That hidden stubborn detail in the Viewing
of Rare stones. I saw them, I touched them, I felt
them glow, glow with the glory one knows
instantly and beauty makes you shed tears
among strangers.  Hello there, heart of words,
like here specifically I’m talking about WCW’s
poem to his Mother, Elena, “Two Pendants:
For the Ears.” That’s me. I’m Elena and she is My
Sister and my maternal twin Aunt.  It doesn’t matter
if you read this or not—I am a force in the quicksilver
of words.  Hey everyone, didn’t you know 
what dies off faster than any other natural resource,
 are languages  Boo hoo hoo. There goes Another
one. Oh, poor families, words are families,
they are lovers, they are Us.  ...And anotha
And already ten more have been killed off.
Why do wish English to take over the world?
Well, it doesn’t matter. You can’t take back
what You’ve done my domestic Abuser,
Englishman, we are at Mercy’s End. Goodbye.

You know how these women are. Mercy,
I remember her so well. She was Glamorous.
Mama’s friend and like the others, Carmen,
Enedina, Gonzalez, he must be family. Those
Gonzalez men, ay Por favor. Yaqui quien
Sabe quien, ellos son indios son nuestros lideres.
Juntense plebe, let’s get together, these aren’t
Good Ideas, they are Awful, the worst for All.
There is an All You All you can’t refute that.
Neoplatonic, Christian, Philosophical, back
and forth. You don’t have to break into Pieces.
Surely, there is Something we can Inspire,
Mundo sientate, estate Quieto.  Bueno Ya Stuvo.
Nos reunimos, somos Gente de Tierra
ya no Hay otra.  Eso lo Saben, los hombres,
las Armas, las falsas diplomacias, no es Cierto
que el tiempo del Humano se durmio o estara muerto.
De Effe quien eres por favor hecha un Vistazito
para aqa. Que paso? Rajados siempre fueron asi.
Fresas y cremas el Norte les da todo y se
quedan sentados en sillas del Ninyito, I know.
Its misspelled. WTF. Answer once in a while
Would Ya? desde los Extremeties aQa.  

Cultural Movement known as el Chicano

So there was a cultural movement known as el Chicano.
Basically, we were cats, friendly Peoples, but
As you know, we were ahem locked in dog pounds
Metaphorically speaking. The Spanish brought hounds,
Attack dogs, imagine, Yeah that was us. We were America’s
First martyrs and we were felled by modern gunpowder.
Didn’t it first come from China? Hey, how’d that Happen?
A global economy made of earth’s fruits, minerals, plants, animals, slave labor, and That’s power. We fueled our people, land, edifices, architecture, physical habitats, service workers, teachers, businesses, on and on. We are all interblended (and you know it too) what a little powder and surgery won’t do. I’m on Atkins and how about you? Alright, that was more than a little too sudden.  We’ve already perished just through Gossip, slander, hatred, racial animosity, and we hardly got started without violating rights we said were inviolate. What will you do? Rejoin the good side of history, be proud of your race.  You’re Americans, you are mixed bloods. There’s no supreme race. If there were they’d be Oaxacan (modern term) because they Invented Language 1st…Long before AnYonE Else and they still prefer to be Indian than let go of their
wealth which is knowledge of Beauty.  Get with it Now, At least Try to Learn. Take your ridalin valium vicodine pomegranate martini, butter with bread in a brown basket, white napkin restaurant.  Time is moving from the table, “Adios, Chronos, ya llegamos. Somos poetas.  Y’all, Vayense a la mesa de juegos de video que aqui ya es hora, Maestros y Senoras, la Carnival diestra/izquierda.” As I was saying, hurry up let’s get Moving on our Progress Chart, let’s DEVELOP ….We’re Moving Forward

Back.  During the time they call the Upper Paleolithic came a Minor
Improvement in Communication.

            We have Language, we have Arts, we have Beauty

We’ve got to Represent it.  We are Uncommon.  I believe we are Human.

Our purpose is  to Represent joie de vivre Beauteous Beauty.  A Woman”s Face=HeleHenneHeleHenne   
 La Femme Mujer Woman
Let’s Fight to the Finish….Die or Impale  one Another….Rape all the women enslave the Issue. Yes, they are our Children in a way.  They  belong ultimately to the Mother to her Fate not Mine.  And that’s why we need Miscegeny Slave Fugitive laws, we can’t crack down on them all (or Ourselves).

How did we got from Point A to Point B?   WTF happened? Where’d our Humanity Go?
A=we have language and that’s a good a beautiful good
B=we have become UGLY.

(I’m personally sticking around because I’m Responsible for turning you ARouND. And ARouND.  Let’s get to Spinning or else Sleeping Beauty won't Be Found

Oigan Truchos y Truchas Chucos que Eramos y los Demasesitos

Here the ripple Maestra Lila Downs
Vamos ba’pajo, somos Palomo
de diversidad. El modelo del Numero
uno no es Capaz, hacemonos multiples
de buen humor, con capacidad, y
Corazoncito, hay que barbaro
todavia Te he faltado? Por dios,
tirano, satisfacete no me
mereces. Mujer sana y sabia.
Jefes, goviernos, mafiosos,
somos babosos, Payasos sabios
hay de mi! que somos tan Utiles
Redondescos muy llena de Suerte.
Y tu Moneda? There she Goes, ya se
fue, FIjate. No hay otra. Hazte
Valiente, soporta mas Fuerte, ser
digno, no es un Poquito es muy
macho. Soy testiga de tu pura
belleza, que se livianen todos!
joven,Viejo, haganse Inocente.
Ya saben a quien les Digo. Los demas,
aprietense que no queda otra
ayudense un ratito nomas.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My language is within me inside of the World

My language is within me inside of the world.
I am a galaxy with light balls, woven in Silk
Skies.  Oh my, I am made of utter Beauty.
So are you. We are the creators of our Minds.
We invented Language.  Look at that, it wasn’t
even Needed Then. It came because we loved
to use our Imaginations then we started Maps.
At first they were to seek our Love afar.
Its now irreversible. A lot of what we did
we did it Wrong.  Yet here we are in our habitat,
Idiot and Savant, common Genius there, grab
Your Hat, let’s go out and make Beauty
as we made Love, and become Poets, one and All.
Bing Human wasn’t all That.  Ain’t that True.
Arise, We made Machines let’s Create a Good,
and new Time and Space, a Rhythmic Soon

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anthony Soltero, My Son was just a Child When he Died

This is a true and tragic song
in decima structure, 8 sounds
across like in Jose Marti’s  
Versos sencillos; count with me.

There was a boy named Anthony,
"--I knew he was special, my First
child. We grew up together.
so we did everything together.
The VicePrincipal just told him
that he was the Dumbest of All
because he "Walked-Out" of school.
He was only a teenager.
He had so many plans and Oh
he had so much Passion. Don’t know
where he got it. Everybody
loved Anthony. He cared about
everyone. He was like that.
He knew that law would hurt his friends.
But we are not immigrants.
His grandparents are but not Us.
I'm from Long Beach and his dad
and I were young but so in love."

Post Script: Anthony Soltero,
Ontario California,
the son of Louise Corrales,
gifted and talented, who died
after he was threatened at school
for expressing his civil rights.
Mr. Samuel Paz, Attorney
for the Soltero family.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wanna join my Tea Party?

Wanna join my Tea Party with Ruda
its the best Medicine for Earaches,
Vertigo, and other forms of Illness?
I’m the daughter of a Curandera.
Watch out, she’s Terribly Brilliant, Magic
powers for healing sick kids, limpiezas,
limon con miel, forget your tristeza
mineral baths, manzanilla, and vicks.
Alcohol, istafiate, so many cures
secret stuff with rare names. All I recall
is a glass jar, a flame, and a lady’s
bare back. She pinches her spine to be sure 
ZaZ!Mama was done and her patient relieved.
No charge. It's free. Tea is a remedy.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eugenicists Pledge

Now what do we do when everyone Else
has an identity they're proud of while
we don't have a clue? (Not white trash, for sure!)
We are better than that (and we're Able).
We also have spending money. What do
you mean, "what is that?" Its our burden
to rule low classes and spics. Religion's
especially useful. (Not to share faith--
Why do that?) --We're Darwinians--elite
Liberals. You think you got problems with Beck.
He's too obvious to be one of us.
Our labs are scientifically advanced.
We've proven there are different races,
one is superior (That's me and You).

Chicanos Had no Beat Movement: Dr. Gonzo wasn't True

We may be smart we’re Latinos and got the situation handled
very Well. understood, no need for you to get hysterical  We are marked by an unknown
language, no it’s not Spanish— 
Quien sabe? I think it's a term that's weirdly Antithetical to certain Liberties.
HahahaLoL.  Let’s get back to that Topic I started

Talking about, before I went and changed my mind, I’m so Passionate.  RED FLAG
Too Passionate. Am I an Animal? a Female, a Creative, whateva , not deductive, nonlinear,  nonGermanic (as E.E. said to me) cuz I surely  couldn't be an American.  Look at that! He’s an UnIrished Irish a Protestant Catholic, What?  Well Gosh Dang as it happens to have turned out,
I’m an Indian Slave Puritan

& also a Jew (well, not Really) but we may as well all be Hebraic.
Cuz there ya go…. the Greeks had their views on citizenship and each other too. 
Certain and different societies like Amazons, Scythians, and other Darker Hues, had different Status
Dido and Medea,   the Globe is a Spinning Top,    become heroines, reconstucted. RED FLAG
Migration brought with it HUmanity, Arts, medicine, science and etc...I’ll take that PhD I earned 

or didn’t I? Uhhu, I better keep proving its True. I Better get my Wasp on it. RED
FLAG. Muzzlebloods within.  So a Stubbornly overworked genius needs her Equals and
where to go find them but in the Kitchen.  NOT Next to You. You’re no Challenge,
too Easy. Zero I can emulate.  You can't even invent a Single Metaphor, so you ZOOOOM in on the silverware. Just take the F (you can redo it) instead of changing the rules.

Ugh,Such Parasitic Manners--quit FLattening my Tires (Step Back Lookey Loo)
--are more than a Few too many to Ever get rid of completely.  So you kick me to Behave with Minority Charm. Haven't you Checked the dictionary of PErmissable language by now or are you another Incompetent Latina.  Are you even Legal. What's your name again?
RED FLAG Garcia, Gonzales, Gomez, or was it Gonzo?

I’m a Writer Attorney and Maniac Depressive, why’s that so Hard to comprende? Cucarachas unite!
Now, Now, Now.  NO Figures of Speech,  metaphors, or 5$ words out of you! That Example Right there?---Inexcusable! Chicanos had no Beat Movement.  They are Folkly, Lyrical, you know
they have too Many children. Get  With  It,  or you’ll cause yourself  Problems (Turn up the Screws!)  Latina, Chicana, Woman of Color.  Oh no, The Label is coming unglued.

“We consider this Reconstruction, the ARCHIVE, social Justice, Ethical knowledge, WTF? We just want a LINK, Hmmmmm, Not Even That?"  Unanimous N! O!  All sign under Confidence united in Agreement on our findings: plus+add Some cultural, social, psychological, civil ERASURE.  Remove the Graffiti crew!  Thru the Back Door!  High RISK RED FLAG RED FLAG Suddenly
there’s InteGrity and we don’t have a Donor for That.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How Cesar Chavez Feels Everytime he's Called an Anti-Immigrant

The waterfall flows from its precipice,
a bird stretching its talons oversees,
enormous wings and eyes as majestic,
as when justice long delayed first flies free.

~I've got an important question, y'all.
But before I ask it I want to warn
you it's just a little political.
So here it goes: what would Cesar

Chavez think today? What would Chavez do
if he heard what some dudes say about him?
I hope he starts by correcting Stavans,
Minutemen and the others who argue

Cesar Chavez was anti-Immigrant.
What can we do? That's just Low & unTrue.

Friday, October 22, 2010

John Ashberry, what a Dude...I mean poet

John Ashberry, what a Dude. I seem him breaking the window enough
to Obtrude (Include is so gay) his face,  unshamefully
Interwoven.  Oh hO look at my f  a  c  e.   It is Mine and I’m a a a A a a aPoet.

Obtrude it like me.  Infantile irresponsible SubveRsive
Or Restive or Reves seveR my computer corrects me Twice before allOwing
me to chose  BIG or smalL.  The MORE Shapes the Better  Yeah Yeah haey haeY

     wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

Alright, I’ll sit Still  don’t you know it Takes a Lot of
Spinning to make all these Danged words… Each lil motherfucker is a Lot of Loving Work just to Run off with not even a Look back back back

There’s john Ashberry And the Bellies Obtruded all Around and Around and Around
    nice sound there but take out the Directions and    get Ready    r   u  Ready?
          Just go Without Without Directions Without Lines

And just when you may keep Speeding Speeding Speeding way way past your Feet  Look you’ve gone head first…..Lift your Face…..Just lift It.   That’s the First Stepp
   To the Terrifying reflection in the Mirror.  I why do I so dislike I?  Why am I

Unable to be Photographed?  Don’t you do It.  that’s another topic not for Now.
There are machines which are built by Machine knowledge.  It’s so Easy
Being a Machine.  In fact, I prefer It.

Okay now --- You.  Pardon me, I can’t stand to Listen to You.  You see,
I’m a Live wire that’s Me.  I can speak to myself through a Person.
Haha.  Inspired entirely by Hawthorne as I read on my electronic Book.

Another day I’ll tell you another part of this Secret.  In the meantime
Try reading HISTORY by Ashberry while on Say An Elliptical at the Gym.
The whole Gymnasium It tIrns into a Bird House! 

Exercise machines are like tuff because their Engineering alone
Is Impressive.  And, I undersTand by my Figurations
Those Birds.... the Birds are Silver         They are Also quite attractive

As WordSpin, as Spiral, as Appetite!  Ashberry is a Word Wine.
Wowee  eewoW   That’s darn Outright Poetic, Word wine of Ashen thus Ripenededly Velvet,  GrooveevoorG


No Waiting in Line

Hit it Horsie,   Get to John Ashberry  

Who Saw District 9 and Confused me for an Alien?

Okay, who saw District 9 and confused
me for a Crustacean Alien?
In extraterrestrial construction,
Super Biotechnology was used
and blood was a scientific resource
that drove energy and fueled space travel.
Now what is earth's mission? Can we force
ourselves to work toward our survival,
emancipate the human race once more?
At the time of our Independence
America preserved chattel slavery;
and compromise was made repeatedly
which kept humanity under arrest.
Why can't all humans be made human yet?

Anita Hill Say Sorry and Clarence Get to the Cleaners, Dear

The Oddest things are to be found in Voice
Machines. Anita Hill, Apologize?
That’s right she should.~Clarence, take that Invoice
to the Cleaners, Dear; my Pious Disguise
needs Deep Spot Remover. Look, the Collar
is coming apart at the seam so Press
with  Extra Strength starch. Doesn't Matter.
Get it Clean and have them add Freshener.
So… Ms. Hill, back to you. Say it: Sorry,
repeat after me don't forget your Prayers
Either...  After all these years, I worry
that Some people may get the wrong picture.
~Clarence, pick up your robe while you're there.
All of those burns and tears have been repaired.

Dickinson Dexima

Make the poets ambassadors.
They’d cost you hardly anything
and begin with the penalties.
Your conscience is not very clean.

Cleanliness begins from within.
And even a Child of God
should take care to remember God's
first rule of order no killing

in the name of the Lord Father
and his Only son true Begotten

A MisTribute for William Carlos Williams for my Son's 16th Birthday

--while the imagination strains/ after deer/ in September 

What tribute for a long since rotted soul
like those of Homer's bloodied innocents
that pays its compliments in sonnet form.
Blank Verse? Tar and Feather! Do they Know No-
thing about what I taught ‘em? Of Einstein? 
Shakespeare?--That they Lose when the State is at 
war? They lose and those Losses must become 
something More! More than Money that’s Right OFF!!
Okay, Doc, it's Okay. You’ve said that Be-
fore. Don't upstage me. It's my poem not Yours.
Though I can't say I Refused you the Door.
But since you're here now, can you have a look
at my boy?  He was born on your birthday.
Show him the way to that isolate lake.

Sonnet Para Mi Padre

His frailty is his disguise. He is
A Good Man nothing more nothing less.
Had he not been my Father, I’d have known
him, father of the muses. They know the
silken mystery of his love. He walks
away innocently. No blood on his
hands, no broken hearts, no one abandoned.
He gave us more than Life itself which was
not his undertaking—She took that from him Fiercely—he is
Something common by necessity, noble in accessory.
He's never lost his calm. Speed, speed alone
is to be feared. Slow down for your sake. Hear
the songs I write to my love, your mother.
Beautiful and wise, she's kept us Alive.

Navigational Pull

for Neil Kapit

The poet within us glides wild while we
are manacled by the currents which art
demands we navigate. Yes, we are free
to seek exquisite voyages, ensnarled

time and again by the obligations
that are no less severe forms of bondage
than the mind's circumnavigation.
The artist’s destination is our age

our time, our world, as it has always been.       
We are its conscripts though imagine we               
do that we rise to be captains of our lives.

Odysseus was delayed by shy winds.
His best friend and enemy was the sea.
No commanders are we, we're craft’s captives.

An August Fleurish for her Birthday

¡maka aik nimiki, maka aik nipoliwi!

There are among us those Teachers who are    
Seeders, whose lessons composed of gardens  
of thought, of speech, of history’s flower.         
They are Guardians of the Heart of Hearts.       
No they must not be drained of Might.  Rather,    
their Power is our Light, our Memory,       
our Plight, and so we may grow sturdier,  
by Dissemination.  You have studied       
the methods, records, archives as do your    
Students who grow, root, shoot, and bloom of their       
Own under your direction.  Then this is    
not a Sonnet.  It is a Dissertation    
to My Younger Sister, a Doctor of Flowers   
who grew on Mother Earth between Stone and Herb.   

Sonnet for Señor Rubén Salazar

Sonnet for Señor Rubén Salazar 


One projectile and four decades ago,
when the writer fought against death quiet
and slow, (for they say that the end is so:
a stillness of time and place, a not-yet
that occurs to the dying, a no, not
just yet.)  And as the voice of refusal
rises again and again to make stop
death’s procedure, the will of the martyr
seizes its newfound purpose; what but death,
cowardly death, accepts vile orders
to squelch the people’s pen by state power?
So close we had come, as close as a breath,
to freedom's center.  Above and beneath
we remember him, Señor Salazar.

The Dream that Sleeps with Power:Sonnet for the Dream Act

Soñar no Cuesta, an old saying

I traveled the road of dreams and did not
know that it would come to an end but I
believed it would extend and always start
again, and by its nature never die
or be detained. Dreams are not foreclosures,
bankruptcies, they're not bad deals behind doors
when economies decline, liberties abort,
and successes judged by tallies of war.
How many of what origin are killed
in a day, how proud and patriotic
is death's banner?  Dark, dry, and deserted
the dead-end of dream's sad and symbolic.
It's not just the dollar that's lost its hour
now dreams are only for those in power.

A Worthless Sonnet

I am not literate, not in the way
one normally would say.  Words are my
insanity. I make them rhyme, entwine,
cry for mercy, though I have none to give
them so they haunt me.  In reality,
they are my enemies and have no
sensitivity. See how they resort 
to dead metaphors and false prophecy.
They’ve made bad loans on worthless paper stock
and paraded around as mistresses
of banks, CEO’s, and boards of trustees.
Their disrepute is revolting.  Watch them
smile in subservient cliché wearing
the shade of lipstick called "Mercenary."

A Sister's Sonnet to My All-Around Genius Big Bro David Evon Morris and Nevarez For his Birthday, September 9, 2010

--I was born where there were no enclosures, Geronimo

So what do I say after all these years?
Do I take the authority that does
not belong to me?  And, are those your tears?
I know they flow easily but those woes
you claimed were not your own, wise brother.
unconquered champion of all sports and games.
You staked your destiny not yet a Mr.
in our grandfather’s trade and maintained
the tradition of Self-Respect.  You named
your children in Father's form. You claimed the Tools,  
a mason tells his troubles to and paved
a way for family.  You broke Bad Rules
with beauty, precision, flawlessness. Much
more OverBrilliance than a Poem can touch!

11th Hour FreeTrade Sonnet for my Brother JGQ

Who DoeS thatt? Who dOeS that??
Who asks for the heLp of the poor and Hated?
Takes their sustenance and seals their Mouths with Hun
Ger and Legal oPpresionn, Corrals them========on
One Side a Wall of Aggression Selecting
the animal from the Human~~1 thing are
the Muscles of your Spine~~Altogether? NOT
including your Mind, your laNguage, your Children.
Well we can barely Stand You if Not our pUrposes—
Besides you Out shine US, don’t try to Hide it.
Don’t go Thinking we are Ignorant, we’re
FAT Cats the Fattest….

===========And on the Other Side,
the Dollar takes the Peso

                                                Free Trade’s TrAp.

Filibuster Sonnet Invocation to the Goddesses ----and Gloria Evangelina Angel Anzaldua

Filibuster Kilibuster, Just take
off your mask.  It’s got very large cracks on
it.  And I hate to tell you, your zipper is open.
I doubt it bothers you. Sinverguenza.
Since you are a puppet of corporate
anti-America, it’s no wonder
a Black person in the White House ponders
how far right you will go. You are desperate,
we know.  Under the train tracks where you’d throw
los nepantleros; Queer Peoples and Free
Youth unite to halt your rage and fury
at Our America, Inclusive Country.
Tonantzin, Coatlicue, and Yemaya—
We hereby invoke Their Authority.

Sonnet for Lorna Dee Cervantes

Lorna Dee Cervantes fused three into One,
gathered Nymph, Muse, and Goddess! So they say
she's an Exotic Woman.  But she knows 
how to amplify beyond that bias.
Grandmother Spider gave her the Thread
she transforms to techniques of poetry
which was her Method to Appease passions
of her Audience which she does Yes, she
does.  But this is just her Introduction!
At first flowering, an Emplumada,
she designed Chicana Poetry;  then 
gave us more and more food for the Hungers
Suffered. She has placed her songs in Graves of
Genocide as Nymph, Muse, and Goddess Do.

What we Act we can Become: After Lorna Dee

I am on cloud 10, its just beyond reach.
An outer Limit opens the Cosmos.
We came from the Stars. They are our Home
and End. Poets, ah, they’re Minor Comets.
It is the large Beyondnesses between
us that contain the Truth, no religious
war can Obscure it. People are Fallen
gods grasping the Hand of Tomorrow,
they find a Fragile Petal is a Paw
when raised with Power. Love is the Answer
wrote Lorna Dee Cervantes, she knows How.
She has Built her Trust to War against War,
a Warrior in the Heart of Sacred
Theatre. What we Act we can Become.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have as many weathers as the Sea

I have as many weathers as the Sea
From its frozen parallels to its heat
Zones. My primary job is to steer It,:
I have lived my lift on a Raft of Hope.
Its so Simple to become misguided
And how difficult to concede when true.
I lost my Oar, my Map, and all Supply
Of technique. And the Disaster stood by
Tapping its shoe with Impatience, get on!
Get on! Wait, wait, I can’t go much farther.
on the planks of the deck, there where moistened
memories stay beyond docking and closing,
the journey is complete.  Two black birds come
to land like rutters of the Ocean ride.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Persephone of Her Mother SereS

Anyone know how it Feels to be UnFree?
The Nothingness is all Around. Morning
only comes Officially and Stays Inside
the Talent Trailer.  Enjoying Hot wax,
watching Dettachedly as Darkness Mounts
its Steed. The Gentlemen are Long Gone Left
U beHind to Handle Matters. Blankets
Grip me Tighter don’t leave Me in Thin Air.
I can’t give you Rhyme, Stop Asking for more.
It’s 10 Dollars a Line it Don't Matter
what Kind I use whether glad, sad, or Blue.
Disappear me again that's the Plan. Oh.
My Mother’s mine, and I’m confirmation.
She's my NightNurse and Wakes when I need Her.

Sarah Palin Blow Up Doll for Millionaires

Tea Party Republicans do good Show
biz. They’ve had it Good, Warm, and Thick with George
Bush dramatics.The stage must be gorgeous.
Don’t you think Politics have gone askew?
You'll say I'm an Obama fanatic
because I like his moves as he run-walks
to the microphone not slithering awkward
like the last dude. Sarah's a Hot Ticket
for November elections. Turn up the Spigot. 
Wow, you don’t Remember don’t you, Wow.
Push the Red button for Her Thumbs-Up-Now
function. Pull the String and she'll pivot.
No need to be jealous! She's worth millions.
(The next Model Up starts at a Billion.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sarah Palin or Pain in the Arsah "We'll be Comin Around the Mountain When we Come" (in 5-Star Starshacks)

On most matters, common sense is required.
The Tea Party prefers Malignorance.
Tis a Mighty Fine Brew (and can be spiked
with substances to better your chances)
Do Reh Mi Fa So La Tea Party Time.
Favorite Recipe of Dubious Dudes:
"A D-Cup and Silk Skirts? It's HighTime,"
the Consultant has Deduced Rightly True:
"Piety Rallies the Basest! Hurrah!"
[--Why am I talking like George Washington
on this MultiHysteric Occasion?--]
The Tea Party's Punch Drunk over Sarah
A-Line Palin, the T & A Icon,
shakin her TeaParty Cheering Pom Pons.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Canto Y Confesion al Pueblo Chileno que no Merezco

Chilenos gente y tribu de poetas
vosotros palabras bellas desde aqa
hasta alla seran incapaz y sin arte,
las mias en comparacion. Arte
ya no vive como se pensaba antes
que vivia.  Poetas ya no entregan
su todo vivir a defender a la Belleza.
Somos feos y aun inocentes. Una Fiera
constante de Presencia confusa
no cansa en andar de Noche y Dia
que parece si Fuimos el Jefe de su
Nueve Once. Y asi fue: de la Verdad
nos hicimos los desconocidos. Ahora,
Yo no se si fui Victima u Oprimidor.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilean Miners and Their Poets True

Los Mineros pulled from the Platonic Cave,
cast parting gazes at their shadow-world
inside the Earth, the same that generates
precious metals, oil, and rich jewels.

Their old Poet who collected Shells looks
on, Patron Saint Neruda of Miners,
factory workers, lovers; he composed books
by their Light as did Jara, Allende,

Violeta, Nicanor, and among
them Sad Vallejo. Hurry, rush, time comes
quickly. A second Umbilicus sends
its everlasting twine to pull them from

their dungeon--the sunken men emerge—
as an Omen of a new resurgence.

Ode to Dumbledore

Odes for the Wise were known to break the mold.
Dumbledore is gone in Book 6; he’s Gone.
Every ending happened inside his room.
To be continued nevermore. None could
Dream this in the Worst of Hogwart’s nightmares.
Under Wise Command, Benevolence's
Might conquers the Rein of He whose name meant
Blood, Greed, Torture, Evil Horror There.
Love was the guiding Lesson, and Gentle,
Extra Love to the Orphan. Honesty,
Dedication, Courage were his Values.
Overall its hard to find a Real,
Respectable Director. Uncommon
Educator, the Headmaster Albus.

I'm an Heiress Too: Diamond Dusted Words

I’m an Heiress of a Higher Scale
with no money, credit cards, or Cocaine
but infinitely Better. I’m a Friend
of Emily Dickinson. She’s my girl.
So Abundant her Treasure overflowed
and from its Remnants I built my Castle
designed by Décor of Trascendental
Glitter. 10 Carat Fine-Cut Diamonds 
from the Deepest mine, there is no Finer
Inheritance than a Gold-hearted Poem
made of the Wealth of Wisdom's rarer Fortune.
The Soul is priceless in its Ore far More
Intricate than Antique Laced-word Sonnets,
too Divine for Millionaires to Buy it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Valgame Dios, Spanking the L.A. Times for Right Wing Semioticians

We may as well call it the GOP
Times. Intricate in interpretations
of the Cloying Opponent's Opinions.
(BTW Sunday culture section, pewww.)
Dear Los Angeles Times, its clear you put
your right foot in and shake it all about.
Wasn't it established as necessary
to follow the rules of journalism?
Objective, fair, and neutral are the keys
of balanced reporting. But the devil's
not in the details. Its in the those Yawnnn
rather boring facts so uselessly
brought to bear in a venue excessively replete
with nuances that come across quite clear
as right-wing, soft-core propaganda.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm not a Witch: l'm O'Donnell (You Are Me; I am You)

I’m not a...Witch (wink wink just sorta). You
are Me and I You. Did I mention
vote for me as Senator? I'm Sexy.
I put my Stake in the Highest Takers.
Have some Tea Party Brew or Stay Behind
where Morals exist. They still sadly do.
A better woman doesn't Touch herself 
there. (And Obama was born in a Shoe)
So a Debt to Humanity’s Past Due.
Why does it matter when Vanity, Pride,
Credit still Accrue?—And, no pocket change
for big Evil Governments. What? Taxes?
That Constitution is just a big Nuisance. 
We'd better be Repealing it hugely.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I’m Voting Pro-Dreamers. That is My Plan.

I’m Voting Pro-Dreamers.  That is My Plan.
With all due respect, you should too cuz they
can’t Vote and what a shame it is--they’re Dope.
So we begin with a Handshake. The Fight’s

On. We’ve got Plenty of Preparation
and Less than Ideal Political
Representation. Over summer Youths
Vacationed or Gamed—That’s Okay it’s fun.

However, let's Remember that Dreamers 
hunger fasted,marched, and got arrested 
with heads held high and chants loud, proud, and clear, 
“What do we Want?Dream Act!When do we want it?"

"Now!" Let's Vote Pro-Dreamers and Join their Team!
No more Nightmares in the Senate and House!

The Dream that Sleeps with Power: A Sonnet for the Dream Act

Soñar no Cuesta, an old saying

I traveled the road of dreams and did not
know that it would come to an end but I
believed it would extend and always start
again, and by its nature never die
or be detained. Dreams are not foreclosures,
bankruptcies, they're not bad deals behind doors
when economies decline, liberties abort,
and successes judged by tallies of war.
How many of what origin are killed
in a day, how proud and patriotic
is death's banner? Dark, dry, and deserted
the dead-end of dreams is sad and symbolic.
It's not just the dollar that's lost its hour
now dreams are only for those in power.

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