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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I a Boricua Versus Naipul: These are Nobles?

Naipul                  Twin towers               Litmacho Sequence        

And in that combination of evil
Which only a Litmacho would further
So stalk his Wealth and Fame on uncivil,
incredible, untranscendent, impure
art     literal dalliance     Misogyny

Blistering against Heads, Eyes, and Love
Noble Prize Jackal selects his next Neck
and with it arrives just before Dawn Come
inserting stones, soda caps, what is Best

to ensure their Male Dominant ART
These are Heroes who Trip the Ballast      :    DEATH

don’t we have so much SPACE and TIME Chaucer
himself joins up with us Maypole Dancer.

PART II.  ()Puerto Rican Writers and Wrighters and Righters and Riders

I remember Jack slugging it NY
Bit by bit back to an Island: Iron
With which his Style Seared Finely Wrought Ores

Wrestled and Lost Lost Wrestled…Riqueños…

What were you to me Odilia? Tommy
And Dr. Lisa, but each a Clear Stone

Of Thought, a droplet of your Isla     Mine

If it is an Island and I Autist

Turned to Slant at another Latitude,

I mistake myself for One of You,     Why?

Why would I deny I wish were Boricua?

If that’s where a Mulata who lacks Rhyme

Would most Pursue her  Models in Gusto

Williamettes, Williamsburg, and my William

Carlos Williams, BernardoPomona, Victor R.
And my Maestra who gave me her Honor:
(and whose name I will instead spell to Her,

Privately) Alphabetically Yours, I

A Sappho made with your O and ReSpelled

Flew to the Island that Grows within Us,

Death : Only Death can take it from me…. THEN

I am reborn in a Song One of Love

For what Else and who Elsie writes this Song?

And NOT to the One Touted on High.  These

Are Heroes?  And those are Nobles?

I take to my Anonymity      FORCED

And FORCED again until Zero Remained

An Oracle….Perhaps that’s why I fore

Saw  I would be Oppressed and yet Denied

I denied that I too was Vendida

But at least though it is true that I WAS

A NEVER-Become not A  HAS-BEEN

I decided at the age of 18
That Literature was owned by Men, English
English…this is where I could get it Straight.

Starting at ZERO, I become a TEN.

With her O and without it I’m worthless

Either way Life has no Value…..Or DO

It?      That’s what we’re here about, medicines

Off Doctor Williams or their Betrayals

Beats?  Go on and Become Rock Stars go ON

What does it matter to a Stonewall Fire?

That sears with its own Oils and Scents.  SINGED

The Fire of Prometheus contained

in EPImetheus….Fused without Quests

BECAME a Union of Twins….Pandora:


THAT.  A preview of HOPE Renewed in TIME

For Love my Lady Santos Rivera

This Sonnet is a Fictional Work. Any perceived, apparent, or implied relationship to entities or persons is coincidental.