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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Small Girl who Wanted to Lead: niacCM nilaP rewerB

Oh Blue horse of Freedom. (Luis Jimenez)
which Hate said looked Evil or Wicked,
when all that you were was Azul, Sculpter
of Scenic Humanos, the Peeps, Cuzzes
and Nieces, like this Child in Tucson
who was killed because of her Ideas,
her Blue horse of Freedom in Cradle,
Small Girl who wanted to be a Leader,
your Song and not that Drooling Doggerel-
of Princes who beat their Chests in Coats
and Ties, Who Hate the Gays, the Dreams,
and the Poor. Rebuke to you John McCain
Slick Pimp of Shamelessness Bias and Bane
of Libertad; Retreat Brewer and Palin.

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