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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Representation con Safos WTF.

No, Sir, I do not see I to I with you.
From the Get-Go you began with Cliches
such as Chicano Poetry is Crude.
Je n'accorde! What did you expect me to Say?
You want me to Agree with Uneven
statements and Unfair Authority?
Sorry, Dude, I'm a Doctor: My Sujet
comes First. Son les Mots de mi Plebe, Peeps,
students, workers. Les Proletariats?
I didn't say that! You are the one, Marxist
in a Designer Beret, Mercedes
and All. Enjoy your Status, I'm here to make
my Mark--an Accurate etaruccA--
Representation con Safos WTF.

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