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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm here to Listen. Please say More.Safety and Security in Sonnets

No, no I can't put this down anywhere.
Stop potS it is not my Authority.
Because I'm a Cell of Prosodic force.
I unhinge the Doors of Ignominy,
the ones that False Builders laid in our Minds.
We are Young and Free in our Beauty, Come.

Come to my Pentametrical SPaceship.
The Homocidal Warcraft's out of Gas.
And the Pretty girls are all Over here.
Their Appearance is Justice UnBlinded.
Yes, the Ads say that Love is Bought and Sold.
But you know you are One of a Kind, Soul.

Don't Agree to be Okay with Violence
and Gore, I am here to Listen: say More.

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