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Monday, January 24, 2011

Un lamento Elle a le même nom que moi a La Mente de Ayer

Un lamento 
           a La Mente de Ayer

Edit Piaf
No Je ne regrette RIEN      Ella a le même nom que moi. I feel like crying again but I won't.
I will write an Ingenious rhyme instead.
From Einstein, I'll take it and with Wharton,
     Edith my nameSake,  I'll start a new I

D E A, une ideé de Juan. c'est Moi,
"A Rhythm of the Unknown" for a Song
of black          holeS   Sans Matter Supplying a Zone

Saben qué?   My idea has become
     wholes        like those of which Alfonsina spoke.

She felt it felt in the Head su Caracol
del Canto, sobriviveré y sobriviveré

      Anyone who became American
Great, did it through the Changling ID     WILL!
and Freedom of Disassociation
                   Una Iris de Cuatro Colores

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