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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

C'est Moi, a Funky Ass PoetIn 17 Lines, (somewhere) [within Edith]

Each teacher to her Student, on Hopeful
language to our Youths who are still Learning:
Answer it False or True at my Question:
"Do I=they have a Chance at Survival?"
"Do I=they Comprehend their Situation?"
"Do I or do I even know what to do against
oblivion and Chaos....? ~~a Spiritual Elsewhere
is in Us, the Power to Thrive Global
Love Bombs to Unite us.  Take Round Looks
not Straight-to-Hell-shameful Rumsfelds.
Stand aside, the Future is Here Digitally
speaking, C'est Moi, a Funky Ass Poet
more Crooked than the "S" of Scarlet O'
Hara, redeem your Past Tense! It's all
Starting Over. One to Resume. Two to
Reverse. Three to Count Backward
and Forth," Waltz in Time Relative alors!

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