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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amnesty since when were you a Bad Thing, Vato?

Amnesty?  Who calls you False and too Bold?
Who says you cannot Hold a Flag in Each
Hand? Or wrapped in the Red, White, and Blue
you are wearing a Poncho....He's not Gauche,
ven pa'qa mi Gordo que te estraña
mi Verso y no hay otro igüal.. Ya! la
sin corazøn y sin Calma me Friega
la Vida y me la hace de cuadritos.
See what I mean? Not being citizens
is not a good life.  I can't even drive
with a License.  You enjoying that car
that you confiscated Mr Sherife
Marrano? El como se llama Joe
el Payazo. Calla que ya Estufas! C.S.

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