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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Token as Sex Worker as Defied: I Said I am Versed by Association C/S

Not likely, what do you mean? Who are you
to speak of Ideas? How dare you! You
believe you are my Equal? Bend over,
use proper procedure, stay silent where
it concerns the Gentlehuman  Males
who want Some ASS. (THAT--that? that's not even
what Nietzsche said! NO, NO, I don't want
the Job. I hate this situation and
you, you posed as a Friend, you knew my sons....)
"YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!" he Stared at my Groin.
SEX or Else." Who is in Authority?
but Heathens and culture Vultures. Ethick
ewwwllll Knowledge. There are Liberties, but those
were Concessions as we know and won't be
practiced by me croaked the Frog in a Coat
with his cagey green eyes and his Ah Sighs
at his guilty Charity and self Agg
ranDisement all Designed by Social Justice
Ink that is empty of responsible Trustees.
What does that pill do Alice? I'm not Sure
I think its a Surprised Corruption Scam,
Pow Wow to the left, Pow Wow to the Right,
Right, Right....Get out Indians and Whores but leave
your Ideas, Essence, Tokens we Bought.
We are the Museum of Indolence.
This is Highly Confidential) "How dare
you?  A Person of Color with Rights? Fuck
You, Jose, Fuck You Fuck You FUck You Fuck You Fuck!"

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