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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Girl Christ born in Emergency's HoursFrom this Vantage a Pa PaNoRama a Clear Spring of Changing Times can be Heard.

From this Vantage a Pa PaNoRama
where Water SPrings can Changing times be Heard.
--LIttle girl Christ born in Emergency's Hours:

"Things weren't always this Way. Yes, they were
Disappointing but SomeThings ... Well I've not  
seen Things like them before:   Explanations
for the kinds of sickness are in a book
that describes all of the requirements  
and the Onsets of Symptoms." 

"but Who knows
how to help so they don't do that again?" 

 Well, the Patients have to have Treatments
and Illness is evolving every day.

(The DSM Manual is updated periodically)

Count down from ten. Return to your Meadow.
You can even write a Poem to the Girl.

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