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Sunday, January 30, 2011

a Spectacles of Sonnets.not mere Cruelties of Survival or Disrepute of Artistic Labor.

Your poems will be of Circuses, of Clowns
and Trapeze Artists. The Lion Tamer's
Son will act as Muse. Listen when he Cries.
Remember that your own Sweet Innocence
he contains within his Eyes. Realize
you are not the First nor are you the Last,
to Perform your Role in the Amusement,
as though it were a Separate Exercise,
not the mere Cruelty of Survival
in Disreputable Artistic Trades:

The Tragic Mode Americana
The Festival of Lances, Spears, Arrows
and The Grand Finale--these Vaudeville Acts
shall conclude the Spectacles of Sonnets.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Working Hands also Speak their own Language.We are all Flowers not Children but Royals by Design

We are Flowers not Children but Royals
by Desire. Kellogg's or General Mills
American Largesse, Buffet, Fresh
fruits handpicked in Sanger and in Other
places. We are the Youth of Pomona
Place of Agriculture and of Science.
We do Give an F Yes we do do do do
to Survive and Live with Plentiful Rights
such as Freedom from our Body's Pains
and those of our families. We're the Workers
in the Kitchen and the Staffer Upstairs.
What is the Requirement for Liberty?
What Price and in what Form of Currency?
Working Hands also Speak their own Language.

El arte que los Celestes Lasos Azúles Nublan, es Poema

El arte que los Celestes Lasos
Azúles Nub-Leen, es Poema

Te soplo y te acaricio, amor
de mi alma, palabra enredada
en el arco iris, de seda y flor
fabricada. Te amo te amo.
Que más se necesita si estás
tú mi Infinito Soneto Libre
y Empasionado y Perfumado
en la manera más propio, Poeta
de principios de Fines y peces
que brillarán en Los Vasos de Atiro,
Darío, vuelva a mí que haces falta.
Aquel arte que los Celestes Lasos
Azúles Nub-Leen, es Poema.

Panoramic human Face as a Ladderand the Sound of its Engine Passing Past.

A ladder of Infinite dimensions that leads
to her Eyes and into its Pools of Suffering
with Dignity, dignity First, what's next little
Matters to her. For she is Corales,
of Ruby's Tone in her Heart as she feels
each Piece of her soul Rebuilt and Reframed.
like a White Winter Weather Flower blooming
in January on the Shallow hills covered
by a Sleek shrubby Ivy. Elsewhere where am I?
We've traveled Miles without your asking.
What happened and how did we Arrive here?
The sonnet's become a Motorcyle
and the Sound of its Engine Passing Past.

I will Represent what I can, Mamá:Another Sonnet

Don't worry I'll keep them near me, Verse Muse,
your Children will become my own to Nurse
on Rhymes Internal of Bliss, Palabra
arbalaPadam Padam alabra,
a Poetic Foreknowledge, Edith's gift
after Awl Between en Caesura--
A Bobbin to Begin with and a Thread,
a Needle or two, the Foot and the Eye,
Tension You don't Touch it, Only I can
set it right and not even the Owner of the Repair
Shop could do it, so don't even Touch it!
Technology Mother of Invention,
what can you stitch by Similitude, Words?
I will Represent what I can, Mamá

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oceanic Poeticwhat that Hydra's Gas Poisoned do we Lament, Oh My Lyre?

(Sonnet to invoke A.S. and T.S.E)

 Cinco sirenitas te llevarån~~~~~
~~~~~Those very Five Mermaids will bring you back
Let us go now you and I while the Eve-
ning is spread out against the Sky. Conchas
and Seashells, a Murky Shore, Foam,
Innocent is the Ocean that gives us Life
and where the Poets go seeking their Poems,

From the Tide Pools near the Shore, Cheloni,
Sea Turtle Grasses, delicate beyond
weakness. Softer You are than Hardnesses
are Hard. Tender Forests of Gnarled Coral,
brooks spared their Deflowering, and Muses
who Sing of Times Past, what that Hydra's Gas
Poisoned do we Lament, Oh My Lyre?

For a Beaner and a Mexican you are a Fancy Talker:Bouquet of Verses, these Cherished Flowers: A Discourse in 3 Brother Sonnets

Bouquet of Verses, these Cherished Flowers
en Cuicatl I bring them to You, Sovereign
human of Noble purpose...Are you uh
talking to Me? What do I know of Aztlan?
You talkin bout that uh, Reconquista? 
What is of more interest to me is my Free-
dom, the Right to be Happy and American
for the first Time Genuinely So, brother.
I'n no stranger to you.  I'm your Head Chef,
your Mechanic, Neighbor, Colleague
we are the same. Your indifference to me 
as a Worker reflects on you Alone.
I let it go and improved as a Man.
Take all I have. Here. So what about you?
How are you Doing? I'm anxious to Hear
what your intentions yield for you. As for
me, I have nothing left to give you,
not even one Ounce of Hate. On the 
contrary, I wish you a Civil Happy Life.
(The Perfume of Progress astonishes 
with New NeuroFlora, Thought Strata,
Milky Way, Mystery, Sky, The Great
Spirit I sense with each Breath.
This Gift of Life is Abundant beyond
Survival, beyond Futuristic 
Fascination...Wherever you are, there
is much more that Surrounds you
from Infinity ~~a Stark Cloud, a Cool
Blue Logo from a Childhood Shirt.
The Leaves of a Stem have reached 
forth with a Dose of Oxygen, a
Comfortable Substance, Your qualities
have Changed, Synthetic, Non-
Organic but wholeheartedly Human.
Human Rights to Happiness that Once
were evoked, let them Sound with new
Rhythms....This is a Tribute I offer
as a First Token of Our Defiance
to False Authority without Merit
which condemns us as Cowards and Foes.)
"For a Beaner and a Mexican you
sure are a Fancy Talker."  Cultured Words
encircled in Beautiful Diadems
of Buds that will Bloom for all Citizens.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your First Hate Mail Letter : "I'm with Coyote and looking for More.":

~"Mississippi G-Damn," Nina Simone~

Arizona has got me so Upset
but what of California? Here we are
on the precipice of the Pacific
in our Segregated Bedroom hometowns,
Megaboom mansions on the Horizon.
Coyotes from those hills take up the Mic:
We are tricksters and running the Lotto
numbers of Humanity. When you Read
your first Hate Letter in the Department
of Ethnic Studies, what did you Expect?
You thought you were wanted here? Mailbox
of the Woeful Latina, Immigrant
Professor, what say you of such Rapport?
"I'm with Coyote looking for a Door."

When do we want it?I scream when I'm hot, I scream when I'm hot.

Observe close Up!  Flip it Over!  It walks
upon two five-fingered feet!  C'est human?
Who me, or us? She's gone looking over
her Offspring, they're some Outstanding Weasels
these Dormant Poets and their Like-Kindred.
We shall overcome! What do we want? Peace.
When do we want it? Ahorita, ya Estufas.
We're waiting since the Méndez decision
for Schools that respond to Needs of the Youth,
Dignity is essential --  All four Years
of it without Barreras Perjuicios
and Favoritisms. Watch, I'm the water
in the TeaPot, pressure in the Boiler.
I scream when I'm hot, I scream when I'm hot. 

don't pull Punches I write histories.Ay les Va la Voz de las M. sin Verguenza

I don't pull Punches I write histories.
I don't wait at the Edge for Permission
but takes things into my own Digital
reaches. I Rock it hard from here to There,
first beginning with Time Future Past
Present in Reversal at Last. My Time
is here. I'm warming 'er Up out of Sleep.
Vast nights she's conferred with Fuerzas
Armadas de Palabraica Magia~~
I take up one Atom of Oxygen
Profusely I expand Almighty
in the Four Direcciones. Ay les Va
Soy la Voz de la P. sin Vergüenza!

a Sonnet is an invincible artifact. Sappho’s line endured by our Calo. C/S

Dear Sonnet, why was it always your Form
I sought without seeking? It’s such a Hold-
Over so why use It you ask? None other
do I have within reach, and this one controls
my mind, my thinking, my rhyme, my being:
it is all of the Mass of an Atom, it's Oxygen
Ozone and Nitrous, a Carbon Family.  YesseY

We are at a midway point a Window
or a Mirror.  Far too long has there Been
the Sound and Reason mantra and the Drawl
of Hate it Expounds by Self-Mimicry.
We know our way around Staunch Semantics.
The Sonnet's an invincible Art/Fact:
Sappho endures in Calo, C/S.  

Find out what kind of place she frequents.Beauty of Defiance of which I am Thine very Own

Beauty of Defiance of which I am Thine very Own
best daughter within my Rank which Crown
only my Sisters Share such as Helen and Dolores
just to get Started...It's not time for their Grand
Entrance. They are the Last Performance. Who are you
and what are you doing in my Private Chamber?
These are rare flowers and you must Avert
your eyes or jeopardize Civil Society. WTF?
When I saw you last I recall the Exchange
was an Unpleasantly Discomfiting
Exchange such as when you Proposed I join your
Quidditch Match...I was a STudent and you, a Head
Master. I was a student and you were a Pro.
I've reconstructed the Face and the Spine
MusallasuM...Quoth a Master of Knowledge
comfortable when my Rights were given over to you
officially and with standards and as per
procedure. Find out what kind of place she frequents.

Memoria. yo soy Hormiguita, y ya Estufas

La Resistancia hacia la Marijuana
kes Nuestro Regalo de los Viejos
para la Libertad de la Memoria.
yo soy Hormiguita, y ya Estufas
que parece que el Oxigeno ya
no existe.  Non? Qui est que c’est?
Is it Human namuH. Existencia,
Opina sobre el Costumbre del O
dio?  Spake Ainglish Illegal Alien.
What the shithole idea is it that
I’ll help You! Gr!! White Pride I scream
quietly but with Consensus. None
would believe me the Perpetrator. (I’m
an anthropollywog in camouflage.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm the Gangsta of Sonnets let it Ride Shakespeare you're a Fling

I'm the Gangsta of Sonnets let it Ring.
Shakespeare was a Fling. I broke it down once
and I'll say it again. I fled to your Hood
and was beaten down by a Mob of Fists.
And yet I prevailed. I gave my Grit
to your Muse that is True.  This Eternity's
a Nightmare. Long live the pentameter
of 14th Street Locos. I've seen better
times and yet I Sound Clear for the Noose Cut
through me a Tracheotomy of Rhymes.
It's forever for us? Then let it Stand.
I've prepared a Mask for Surprises: My
how I admire that Infinite Gaze
of yours Verse which is Permanently Mine.

THe NIght When Two Term Obama was Born : Hi-5's which Comprise the American Sonnet

That night 6 Pacific Time, it happened...
the Night when Two-Term Obama was born.
Soothing emotional America out
of her Manic Period, her Paranoid
era. All that's up Front without Shame's Face.
We are our own own our are We. People,
the name of the Game is Invocation
of our Own Rights to Express. Wherever
we are.  Alight! Let the Citizenry
expand. You are mine, Immigrant, Dreamer,
Gay Youth, Scientist, Mime, and Poeta=
Whoever you are, I am that too, too.
My words raise their Arms and Give up Hi-5's
that Reprise an American Sonnet

We activists know no Problem's too Tough:John Boehner broached a Smile

His Chagrin and below that, a Lilac
Tie, John Boehner broached a Smile.
I saw it Glimmer-Float around his Lips.
I believe it--he is worth my While.
Let me depict him. His Deep and Sanguine
Cheeks, a Glow like a Red Apple shining
on his Nose and a Dark rose in brow.
So they say he's ready to give Hardness
to Cries, to Chants for Social Justice, Paz....
which is This Thing we call Peace without Which
we sense our Dismay. Let us have our Day.
We've worked two days to each of your halfShifts.
We're not just the Hot Swing Voters no More.
We Activists know no Problem's too Tough.

I want my Prez on a Large Screen TV:A Muse's Amnesty Hip Hip Hurray

I want my Prez on a Large Screen TV:
were he truly to impress with Amnesty,
I think I'm exploding at first suggestion.
Excuse me MIchele, I'm harmless j'accorde.
You too have Cause for Jealousy, Barack.
Imagine all the Men....Oh just forget it, I'm
back in my Corner, a Poet without Hope
is a Good Association to anyone who
wishes to Appear Moderate. Take the Cover
I offer you.  Here it goes an AMerican
Amnesty~~~Hip Hop Hurray! Si Se
Puede. Yes We Can. We can Legalize
our Harvest of Hardworking Muses, Peeps,
Students, Dreamers and Quakers, All

We are Street-Walking PoetsAKA they whisper we're Bohemians.

Who says there Can't be Peace? Who says that by
Billions we People aren't Tough with Love
for a Mode of Expression? A sta-stab
in the Dark, a two-partitioned Rhythm:
see what I mean? There is an Elegance
in these Cabezas , the Mind, it has Will
to Suspend us in Animation Surr-
ender your Arms of Disaster, Distaste
and Verbal Abuses. While you Stage your
contests, we Make-Do on the Concrete.
We are Street-Walking Poets. Want some of
us? We believe in la plebe, Artists,
students and thinkers, and Civil Gentes.
Shhh, I whisper now, we're Bohemians.

C'est Moi, a Funky Ass PoetIn 17 Lines, (somewhere) [within Edith]

Each teacher to her Student, on Hopeful
language to our Youths who are still Learning:
Answer it False or True at my Question:
"Do I=they have a Chance at Survival?"
"Do I=they Comprehend their Situation?"
"Do I or do I even know what to do against
oblivion and Chaos....? ~~a Spiritual Elsewhere
is in Us, the Power to Thrive Global
Love Bombs to Unite us.  Take Round Looks
not Straight-to-Hell-shameful Rumsfelds.
Stand aside, the Future is Here Digitally
speaking, C'est Moi, a Funky Ass Poet
more Crooked than the "S" of Scarlet O'
Hara, redeem your Past Tense! It's all
Starting Over. One to Resume. Two to
Reverse. Three to Count Backward
and Forth," Waltz in Time Relative alors!

Excuse yourself when your Bias sets In,Ode to your Racist Desires

Excuse yourself when your Bias sets In,
take note of It and call it your Own, Ode
to your Racist Desires. Turn Around
take a Phrase such as "Just Do It" and Spin
Spin it around- (Pop) (Drop Pop) prejudice.
Just watch it walk Away as Narcissus
if he'd only learned Lessons of his Crown--
they are Discretion, Poise, Measured Judgement
and not Hot Blooded facismo by Spoons
of small Doses.  Eat my Shit said the Ghost
of your Terror when it sat at my Dinner Table
every Night.  Somewhere in that Miasma
were two Innocents possessing the Eyes
of my Children Frightened to Sleep at Night.

A ContraVerse toSilent Compromise, Assent, and Indifference. "Who the Fuck are you to me, Illegals?"

Pell Mell weren't rehearsed
and yet here you are, a ContraVerse Plus
a Panoply of Design Elements
that grow with each Use.~~por Favorcito
ya esTufas que soy una Tinta
de Freedom que desde mi Pachuco
a mi Cornela, grito el Canto
de Poesy...Goodness me said Silent
Compromise, Assent, and Indifference.
"Who the Fuck are you to me, Illegals?"

So you see see you So its a Merry
Go Round, let's form a Circle pass the Mic
we will Shout and we will March heads held High.
We're airborne AGENICS in Sound Up Flight.

Amnesty since when were you a Bad Thing, Vato?

Amnesty?  Who calls you False and too Bold?
Who says you cannot Hold a Flag in Each
Hand? Or wrapped in the Red, White, and Blue
you are wearing a Poncho....He's not Gauche,
ven pa'qa mi Gordo que te estraña
mi Verso y no hay otro igüal.. Ya! la
sin corazøn y sin Calma me Friega
la Vida y me la hace de cuadritos.
See what I mean? Not being citizens
is not a good life.  I can't even drive
with a License.  You enjoying that car
that you confiscated Mr Sherife
Marrano? El como se llama Joe
el Payazo. Calla que ya Estufas! C.S.

La Piñata de la Amnistîa: La Rompe la Justicia y aQuellos se lo Comen

"You can do it, Billy," my son assured
Gabriela's son at the Piñata, 5
years old, a SuperHero in his mind
his Imagination: a country can
have a heart.  It can! And a conscience, méme,
a concept in Sound. Let's be Free Again!
Return to our Fundamental Civil
Rights which were Supported with Emotions.
For happiness is Constitutional.
Let it Pass! No, we better not! It does
Not fit in with Present Circumstances.
(It's that Border that keeps getting Wider)
"It needs to go on a Diet or Die
of its own Misery!  -excuse me its not Alive.

How Courageous You are, Mother of VersesI will be strong, free and Liberated.

How courageous you are Mother of Verse
who plants the seeds of the Hour in  Truths
of dispersal, in Alterego Altars I kept Vigil--
la Diosa de Hookie La Hookie La.
I owe her a Tribute and this is it:
Keeper of the Exploited, the Hungry,
and Mistreated whose Bread is Snatched
away by a Superpower, Angry
Cuckholded Cocksucking Whore and those Friends
of Starched Collars and Tuxedos (who me?
No not me!  I was forced and would rather
be Watching TV).  There that Suffices.
I won't be distracted by distractions.
I will be strong, free and Liberated.

Para un Pintor Deciso to Gilbert LMagu Improv to a Youtube

"If you make bad decisions it's because
you're not painting or making sculptures. Get
on with it! said el Pintor.....the Color's Changed!
...I'm going to make some adjustments here for
the sake of Perspective. ...painting Forty
years, I only live with this painting in
               the  m o m e n t
                  t m  eht
how to live in this world -------
------      a Bachelor....Våmos a Decidir
a decidir Algo   and make good choices
by trying out others    and perhaps we'll
go back to the first one five times over
       al Vago Soneto sin Pareja
     Listo a Pintar y para Darle 
  mi Tiempo regalåndote mi Tono 
a tí,  Misterioso Encendidor Arte"

So she's the janitor, I need a Fuck looks like I'm slipping for a good reason.

Let's not help her by visiting her blog.
She's a poet and we're Grist for her Mill.
Let us be Loyal to our Common Frog
who croaks up the toxins in our Grass Field.
For he's the proprietor of our Mall
who allows us to live even with our Blind-
Folds which wear an Insignia of Great Pride
ah yes and Honor.  Ah, steady Patience
that pays us with Rewards and Advances.
Sirs, we are predestined as the Women
who hold their Tongues instead of Truth-Telling.
My portion is golden hers is of Rust.
Looks like I'm slipping for a good reason.
So she's the janitor, I need a Fuck

Feed the Envies~~They Require their Sustenance

"Though by whim, envy, or resentment led, they damn those authors whom they never read." a Saytrtwrist of this by- Charles Churchill no less Blasted from a BulHorn as if twenty years ago in San Felipé Baja Sur Nor del deseQuilibreza,    a Waltz 

through a Library, a la biblioteca Våmos somos Våsquez      inålfabeticos

que se alerten que vamos llegando                   a causa de Una Puta Poeta

There certainly are causal features of the apocalypse
in your eyes, a disturbing absence of S O U L
how do you manage such a Woe?    Woman
that I am (am I that)       Another Her
sparks off a thousand More Sappling Flickers
that grow Synthesthetic nashing teeth     Max
Maximum Poetic flow     left right left
with a tassle in the antechamber
the Probability  she's a Poet

Poetic Amnesty: Look how it Works

It is not structural--let that question GO!--
When has truth ever pleased the powerful?
That's for another day.  Pay attention.
Each sonnet has a set-value of tens.
First things first is the "I am" of the verse.
Who are we? Why are we so? We humans
are so complicated. The beginning
is a Complaint--a woe in origin--
a woe remains. Next, you cut-out the parts
of the pattern (one hundred and forty
sounds) to make a poem using a measure.
"Go get my the scissors by the washing
machine." A Memory enters, mamá
" how'd you find me again? my conscience?"

Discard Civility in this case it is War waged against an Ethnic STudies Prof.

I Take Pity on the Scholar who Pities the Poet: A WoManifesto

I will not retreat for regrets foreign
to myself…Everything will be equal.
A new language no doubt partly
based on the old one, will be unveiled.
Prepared in advance and theorized
documented sequenced and organized,
a Version of a history will come forth
When Justice has its Day in Court,
against Egregious Arrogance built of
unfounded Vanity dressed in Poor Threads.   
A matter is raised and then another,
("someone at work's complicating our hoax")
Discard Civility it is War War
waged against an Ethnic Studies Prof.
Goodbye Privacy and Happy Pursuits.
(like teaching Youths to Write to Write!)

We know the sound of American English
And its Past. Sirs, the Ideas we Inhabit
Are dangerous to Power-Addled
Authority without a Purpose.
We’ve been defrauded and defamed time
and again,  due to our Penchant to test
an Idea and again and again
see its Origin in Uncivil Persons
with Obvious influence on Properties
of Economy who mandate against
academic freedom and expression.
To the Students to them by a Teacher
in Chains such a minor contributor
such as Edith yes her. She’s moving On
No retreat for a Poet is Possible

You've seen but the Prologue of my Idea:
to be Free of  your Oppressive Suckling
mad Worm of False Promise which
grants Honor and Fresh Prey for piteous Dicks
of Sexual Predation time and again.--
counterproductive for Edith, for women
who came to her with Similar Woes
who she was by Duty bound by State Laws
to protect and help. The Truth will be Known
known best in my Verse. Re-Verse
ourselves,  Aussi toude les mondes.
We are on Common Ground on this Dance Floor
for the first time Together. Shall we waltz
from the Top? Come take my hand and I yours.

I didn't exist until you woke me.
This Poet you forced from her sweet slumber
Its Voice of Resistance Assumes a Form—
A Preview of History—Sí Se Pudó
c'est un fait accompli.  Justice Dancehall
let us begin preparations for the Waltz.
Se empieza El Valso, Speak English
Ya Estufas! A Mint Spanglish straight from El
Pachuco we were born to our Mothers.
You are the Border-Crossers. Now, get it
Straight from the Beginning…No, we are not 
giving it up to you for no job, Güey
Ése, el Territorio Sonetero
alzamos a los Brazos, Braceros,

When you call us Indians, we turn Our Cheeks
and we invoke the Spirits of our Parents
in Four Directions: from the West Paula,
NorthSouth Ramon, and the East Morris,
Clemens, Comstock, a Poetical Hope….
Rejected Quakers they went to Rhode Island,   
then to Ohio to become farmers
and consistent with social justice
as it was they gained a conscience to boast
of resistance to harsh authority.
~~A WoManifesto by Sappho 
Grandniece of Becca Comstock, sister of
Edith, mother of our father John
and our wise mother, La Serena Mayor.

Monday, January 24, 2011

IliteraDee eeDaretilI

IliteraDee eeDaretili

a Rhythm of a Pell Mell Melody

Spectrum of fo murtcepS .......... Words  

Drip Droping Da D's by Fourteen Rows Ease

I got one plus one times Five another
and another Turn....because it Resumes.

where is I am here right where I belong

not there is where I've gone esreV a Verse

to the boldly lit dimness of an Ode
to a Sonnet sculpted  
a Tacit Urn

There there , far beneath, down below it Rends

which begins of its own backing me Lull

~~~ Reversal a Music of Reversal ~~~

Counting in Form 
a word line in Sound Time.


A Verse avec Padam Padam a Verse

This is it for it's no Other, ma Amor.

Where is the root?

              in a Dream Absconded

and Shaken   with   Force           a - t h i n g

   r a s p  is better'en     Slipping ping ping ping

ping Shall we Ping?    La vie en Rose     I'll take

it from here.  A Revolution of Poesy

~~~~~~una MoVida,    mo' vida   mo' vie

....Once upon a time before we had It

Time emiT                Petals of a Rose,    padum

padum,   la Resistance Resistance al

love if this is You and You are this love

           Avec mes souvenir

        j'allumé       la feu

    Avec mes souvenir

j'allumé    la feu

AGENIC : Igualdad. Fraternidad. Libertad.

--There will always be a part for teachers…

          don’t you Think so?   For Pavor, I agree.

A Pattern and a Thread   ,   a Material

 of a Fabric it is Made:  AGENIC

Waltz to Discard a La Identity
 A repuBlic of Irises en La boca

del Palabral Sedar~~Divino Cere

bRo:  a Fraternal beginning in Time

       CropCircles of Dismay: here is a Tune

Vous avez    Vous avez  Padum Padum

Igualdad.  Fraternidad.  Libertad.

Los Pasos del Verbo construido en Paz

en las circumstancias de La Gracia

y en su Soneto…--There will always be

Un lamento Elle a le même nom que moi a La Mente de Ayer

Un lamento 
           a La Mente de Ayer

Edit Piaf
No Je ne regrette RIEN      Ella a le même nom que moi. I feel like crying again but I won't.
I will write an Ingenious rhyme instead.
From Einstein, I'll take it and with Wharton,
     Edith my nameSake,  I'll start a new I

D E A, une ideé de Juan. c'est Moi,
"A Rhythm of the Unknown" for a Song
of black          holeS   Sans Matter Supplying a Zone

Saben qué?   My idea has become
     wholes        like those of which Alfonsina spoke.

She felt it felt in the Head su Caracol
del Canto, sobriviveré y sobriviveré

      Anyone who became American
Great, did it through the Changling ID     WILL!
and Freedom of Disassociation
                   Una Iris de Cuatro Colores

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First Fruits of Knowledge cured in the Vinegar of Lost Innocence.

A Spilt Flower and Its Petals, Mirror
of AsymmetRicaL RhythmhtyhR....
Meter of Passion    TimeKeepersTime:
the Sonnet of tens a TearDrop moistens.

Where do I find your Muse, Mule of Form?
Labors of Painstaking Melodia?
The stem is a Ladder, the Blossom-Touch
that Runs Forward for the Caress of Gaze.

Beauteous Herbs that were singed by the Blare
too soon did they Climb while they still had Sheaths
for skin and not yet their Full Color....Dead
Crumbled and Seeded where they were Splattered.

The first fruits of Knowledge leached in the Brine
of Innocence--Bloom Bold New Corolla.

¿Quién entiende a la Mujer Celosa sin Causa?

Hembras las Tremendas de deseo
a la Justicias y las justicitas…
Yo sé que no alcanzo con mi Ritmo
de todos modos lambeo la raíz
de la Voz en su Dominio Susur
Ninguna ni cualquiera Cadena
me encogiera a mi Paladar ZoNar
que Riego con las Sávilas del Amor.
Yo la que Mimeo Óyeme
vé a esconder a tu Pedazo
de Hombre que la Reina está Presente.
Noto que te asustas cuando lo ecuentro.
Yo medi a Mi querido Ésa-- 
Los Celos sin Causa los Odio.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

whatever other quality it lacks, is vernacular ralucanrev. SHake Shake

  Thank you for your sage words. X, I found your sonnets to glisten by the syntax you used (of extension). It reminded me that there is moisture in our language. The shadow struck me as a darkness of a water spill.  It reminds me I am also a being of liquid. There is a book by Garcon which Catharine asked me to interpret 21st C. Ornamental Arts of Language. She helped me and made me remember not to be angry which was advice and advocacy. In sum, these dramatics seem of the import of something important we belong to....I don't think anyone can say I'm not a decent writer. I haven't had a career that has allowed it, but who does?  My muse pushes me toward philology for some tendon of thought.  This as well as what I will loosely call the strokes or contrastokes of Chicano poetry. Not necessarily dissonant at its most aggressive.  For Example kindpeople: Whatever anyone wishes to believe, this portends of a consciousness that whatever other quality it lacks, is vernacular ralucanrev. SHake Shake. Rhythms to Re-Versify.
Emily Dickinsen said it all too well: I never saw the ocean    I never saw the sea.  ---but I know how a Heather Looks and what a Wave must be.

Water is emotional

  I think of the ocean as the Poem's Interface.  Your sonnets have Filigree, as of Ornaments.

I see a road that forks ahead and end in the Mind.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Imagination in Platform Shoes of Ciudad Juárez

There in the Centro or near it, when my Tía
had her Studio where she sewed Velvet Curtains
and her boys in their Wine Corduroy Jeans
would Swish-Swish by me, mis Primos
who have died one at a time, except when
two passed the same year, have made Tía
less Tía…..I can still remember her in Brilliant
Skirts and Platform Shoes, and cargando
con los Costales, full of gifts for me when
I was a little girl. Her power for Words known
to everyone for she spoke them with sonic
magic, each one crashed to the floor where
I heard it and I’d ask her, “Tía ,qué es eso?”
And she answered by dropping some more.

Burned Alive by Hope >Imagine< A Trope can be Useful.

Burned alive by Hope: La Esperanza
que andas mira que sí en Tacones
del tamaño de unas Lanchas y con
Moños de Polka Dots that are Raised
up like Seeds that are Inflamed by
the Force to Live, desde la Vida
hasta la Muerte. Ellos creen que después
se van a ir a verse en el Cielo. No es
Cierto pero se dejan pensar.  Tirili, Tirili

Empezamos contigo y te nos escapaste,
Malvada Desilusión de Púpiles bronces.
Ay que sí,  aquí estoy Fregando y tu andas
en la Calle. Y no me toques con esas
Manos de Fierro.  I can match that. I can.
Hope is a Needle in the Eye of Time.
Don't let another Day pass in Contempt
in your Heart if Hope is Futile in Any Case.

Only Hope can reach such Temperatures.
Only Hope can satisfy the Urge to Burn
from a Memory from long Ago, which came
from IDK Where, but there it was, A Pyre
and a Goblin decorating Dismay
go to It: The Bar-B-Q,
Burned Alive by  Hope is >Imagine<
daily Vision alight again.

I sing to my Black Sister who Tried Show meLa Lucha Continua

I sing to my Black Sister who Tried Show me
I need to be Strong.  Listen, Nina I hear
you Everyday when I play your your Song,
"I wish I knew how it Would feel to be
............Free.........The Truth alone told me by
 the Southern Girl voice of theEqual Opportunity
Commission clerk: "I see now, you got Yourself
Hurt." She heard my Blue Note. She cleared
it up:  I am the one who Hoped A Lil Hope.
Readin' Beloved, Toni Morrison's BodyGhost,
Revenge for Dangerous Hope-- Oasis
of Memory take me Home. Rebuild me
like ew. At last I sing to my Black Sister
a Song she Taught me. La Lucha Continua

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Funny Way you Confuse me with Another Latina

The funny way you confuse me with another Latina,
as if we are the same person you can't
tell apart even if we're of different
races, countries, nations, or languages--
Look at me, it's no mystery I'm Chata
with long hair and rancheras in my Dreams.
She over there is from the Caribe,
the Antilles, Rio Platense, Queens.
To you we are indistinguishable,
hard to discern, so you mismatch our names.
Here I am and my Credo, "la Vida
no Vale nada," while she's happiest
when she's dancing a Rumba. So, it stands
to reason that you fear I'm a Communist
That's not true but thanks for the Compliment.

Dimensiones de la Mente:Héroes son los que aman al Amor.

Dimensiones de la Mente
Rueda de La Elegante Harmonía
Cargadas por Luces de la Noche
Como en Juarez ~oiga Mariposa
De la Muerte, ya  EsTufas ! Vuela
regrese a tu Mundo Infierno;
Decadentes no se hasta donde
alcanzarán…Oiga, vayase a Morir
Alas de Sangre disonante. GLobulos
que Idiotas son Ustedes, Feas Nalgas
parecen Peras podridas. Merced
marca un Punto en Fin, por Su
Gracia. Había una Vez un Barco
Chiquito tan chiquito tan chiquito
Que no podía navegar. Niño de Paz
En tu Mundo sin sentido podrás
escucharle a La Pena acAbo que
Los Héroes son los que aman al Amor.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Airwaves of a Feud=Fight Club Meaning

I Elle-E-Vate you to a Poem, with Arms
held up, "Sin Justicia No Hay Paz,"Social
justice is Right not Left of Center, its Arts
of Humanity and SuperPowers
don't Fear It--Indeed, they Embrace Us.
We Mother Fuckas with Some Attitude,
Style, grace, and a Heart. We staking Out
a New Century. Come on Let's Speed Things
Up, not Down, not Underneath, off the Cliff---
No!  Not at all!  It's Preservation of Life, get a Grip
it will be Good for Your Better Fate
Mine is to UnRavel the Rhymes of Other
Makers, not Mine in my Hourly Gig
on Airwaves of a Feud=Fight Club Meaning.

Representation con Safos WTF.

No, Sir, I do not see I to I with you.
From the Get-Go you began with Cliches
such as Chicano Poetry is Crude.
Je n'accorde! What did you expect me to Say?
You want me to Agree with Uneven
statements and Unfair Authority?
Sorry, Dude, I'm a Doctor: My Sujet
comes First. Son les Mots de mi Plebe, Peeps,
students, workers. Les Proletariats?
I didn't say that! You are the one, Marxist
in a Designer Beret, Mercedes
and All. Enjoy your Status, I'm here to make
my Mark--an Accurate etaruccA--
Representation con Safos WTF.

And the Rocket's Red Glare for Sheryl and Joseph Reynoso

She wore it on her Lips when she Kissed him
just before he Left again, UP! to the Skies
where he's Flying in Blue. He's her Angel
and She, His. And the Red Glare of Their Love,
Lights the Great Flame of Her Patriotism.
She's moved many times to stay Together.
Where do we go Next and until he Returns
how long will he be Gone? Separations:
she doesn't Complain but makes Use of Pain
Searching for Beauty in its Abundance
Catching her Breath as if for the First Time
when He Arrives from the Base. This is how
her Love like a Flame that burns Day and Night
Fuels the Rocketfire of their Passion.

Speak English: The Fourteenth AKA, a Sonnet

Speak English! Some who don't love Freedom
think it Unnecessary to Read Texts 
of the American Revolution
and have many Ruses such as, No one
knows Exactly what they Meant. That's Bullshit!
Framers knew the Purpose of Poems
was to state Identity. THat Shakespeare,
there in the Globe Theatre said it Clear,
"all the World's a Stage," and wrote Eternal
Love Lines: "as long as men have Eyes to see/
so long lives this which gives life to Thee."
(I'm paraphrasing of course.) Who cares? So what?
Where you are Born is what gives you Rhythm.
The Fourteenth AKA, a Sonnet

Don't blame it all on Assange. Give him Credit I've also blown some Fuses with History.

Don't blame it all on Assange. Give him Credit
I've also blown some Fuses with History.
SheeeehS I thought that was my Job.  Come to me
but read me my rights from Edith Edith
Wharton whose Book "The Quills" my Tocaya
told it Damn Straight up Art's Autonomous
(After all, that's l'art pour l'art. My Duty
to become a Poetrical Rhyme, Nice
real Nice....Those ones who fail to Get
la Onda...Not a Choice but Decision,
an Arrangement created by my 7 Year Old
Self, "I will speak Back.  Not now for I'm Small.
When I have the Right Note and I'm able
I will Blow my Whistle Loudly for All."

Whitsleblowers Melody:I'm not a Radical just a Sonnet. Ethnic Studies Cradle to the Cane

If you are from the same country...but what
if you aren't? Now There's a good question.
Let me think About it---Okay here goes:
what's wrong with acknowledging Common
Roots? Ethnic Studies from Cradle to Grave!
This Life is All about US in our Fruitful Disguise.
We need to know More.  Such as Rotational Force--
What are its Origins? And what are Mine?
I'm Young and without a Notion of Things,
and the Everyday Changes I face.....Written
in Some Stars are Directions for me.
Is the answer in my Mother Tongue Twice
Removed...?.--Retrospect what do you Say?~~
I, Epimetheus, Remember well
my First Lesson, by a White Man, my Father:
"Do you see Rabbit Mountain over there?
If you say I can't Return, I prefer Death
for I cannot live away from my Home."
And so he also told Us,"there are Lands
that are Leased without Payment to Indians
which is Wrong.  They are losing all their Rents.
And this was all Kept in Secret until
I spoke Up." Whistles run in the Family,
and mine Sounds like this. I Sing to the Skies
for the Justice Denied and my Rhythms,
are against the Evil attacking Rhyme
for being itself, Honest and Sincere.
I'm not a Radical but a Sonnet.

Que pasa contigo Goya este Sabado?

Que pasa contigo Goya este Sabado;
how are you Doing today? Living Life
as a Gift that needs Memorializing,
documenting what's Up and what's Down ~Around~
Turn Around, look at you There, Emanations
from Sivar, Contemporary--that's Where.
The coup well that was just a Coup, well known.
(sort of Novel. I'll be Original?)
I was there on Broadway March of '06.
There just happened to be Passing by some
Red shirts Right Right There. (in the Heart of my Lens?)
It was L.A. and that's also Common
A Sigh of Relief There....There is Something--
--The Size that is Required for the Show.

Some Mixed Up Gendered Macha Rhyming SonetO

The artist knows the Unconscious now you've
been informed, my Choices were not Given
to me so I Make my Own decisions.
Without my access to Spice or to cloves,
I made Good use of Common House Flours:
You be my Frida, I'll be your Diego.
And, together, You and I will Conquer
the World we take down by all Fours,
the Ordinary Ruses are no Match
for the Muses, Ya Estufas, son Estas
Las sin Ninguna Alma ni Harmonia
no Deben ser tan Vanas a Corregir
a La Serena Palabra de una Macha
Yo s oY Calafia, Hija de Ser.

I'm Burning hot for my Freedom to Speak.

I'm steaming hot for my Freedom to Speak.
my Search for my Rhymes has its adVantages.
Drink my Word Wine, it is an Elixir
of Timely Truths that Explode, Crash and Burn.
Let's be Magnanimous suominangaM
and Reversify at Last, such Prosaic
Endurance is faltering and NickNacks
proceed by Languid Verse-Schmucking around
burning the Fossil Fuels of All Patience,
I've Preserved my Ability to Yack.
Let's dress ourselves Up in Self-possession
wearing our own Threads, Styles and Designs
It's the Sonnet's Enduring Elegance
that Lights the Flame at the End of our Dance.

These words take them and these Breaths.

Let me spill
a drop of water
on the Pan.
It its hot
It will jump into
a ball then Vanish.
Hot Tears

Hot tears that
are Bled
Ones that flow
to the sound.
of a Verse
The Muse
is Upset with Y'all
Her words are Acid
Yo comprendo.
As did the Juarense
who spoke
Ni Una Mas.

Here, take my Pen.
It was my Last
Now its Gone
if you Must
but I wish you
would Stay

Stay one more
moment. Dear
Child, Take these
Words as my Ransom
while I
sing to your Heart
you are Free.

Drop your Chains
as they say
These words
take them
and these Breaths.
Let's Exchange
on the Page.
That That Alone
should Ease us
a Bit. Come on
now Hurry Up
Open the Box
a Present to you
dear Reader
who is so Kind
it is Clear.

La Isla Bonita
La Bonita Mia

Dear Maria Izquierdo, what D'yu Say? Somos Mujeres en el Ritmo Cosmopolito.

Dear Maria Izquiero, what D'yu Say?
FIrst lines are Useful for Memory Waked
rhythms, They sway sway Sway
like a Lightning in the Chest and even Tears
in her Eyes. Let's get Going, Evelyn,
wherever it is Better than Here. How Time Flies
when Anguish is your Muse. Elizabeth,
like a Queen of Verse of Truth, Que Vivan
los esTudianTes...Ra ra ra Como no? Si SP.
Then we Switch Direction. It's very Simple
when you do it Without Fear. Inner Will.
El Poder de la Mujer sin Limite y ninguna
Barrera.  Con que Sinsanto a ti te Crecieron?
Somos Mujeres en el Ritmo Cosmopolito.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

in the Belly of the Aquarian Age:I think that I am an Alien Yo.

As Nina sang it (Simone) "Crawling just
Ain't my style." And it is not my Will
that defies you, it's my Cylindrical
Shape and Rhythms for they can't be Repressed.
I believe it has something to do with Birth
in the Belly of the Aquarian
Age, IDK. Eccentric's what I am.
Like Yoda, I can speak or like Edith.
Not the Quetzacoatl of Poetry
but a Free eerF an Engine of Words
that are Actions and Sounds Better than Swords
for they're a Melody from Inside Me.
Am I a Poet? I doubt that it's true.
For I'm an Alien force among you.

Health Care? we Need None said the Senator:in a verse that was written by Wall Street.

"Health Care? we need None," said the Senator
whose Healthy visage and Designer Clothing
make him Believable, a Real Smart
man. You can tell by his Manners and Voice.
He's a Big Shot in Congress who Protects
corporations from giving to Taxes.
Ya know if they Paid their Dues they would Lose
their Edge. We agree that's Free Market
good sense. Repeal Obama's Health Care Plan.
If you can't afford a Doctor, your Vice
is your Problem. We've don't have the Right
to Feel Strong. Be a Proud American.
Our Reverend says its all in the Bible 
in a verse that was written by Wall Street.

Am I the Vuzuvula of Verses.Ideas go Dead on Arrival

Am I the Vuzuvula of Verses
causing distraction to my Opponent?
High pitched are these Gold and Scarlet Letters
because they were forged in me thru Torment
as Variants on the Scream. I Defend
the People and their Imaginations.
Let me Introduce Myself formally
Here I am: Poeticus Maximus.
Ovid, whose name in reverse is a Void
cannot Compare with my Experience:
so he was in Exile, What Fortune
to be Cast Off from Societal Rule
where Ideas go Dead on Arrival

Freedom to Flow with Rhymes of all Rhtyhms: To My Studentsa Disastrous Dance Craza that won't shut Down.

Freedom to Flow with Rhymes of all Rhtyhms--
I'm telling you this. Take your Notes Joven.
If I can write Verse of One Kind, You'd Triple
me if you Tried and Quadruple yourself:
You are Changing and leading Change. Whether
you are in Science or Letters or Not
doesn't Matter which. Making Useful Youth.
Keep up what you are Doing. Inhale
the Scent of Your Garden of Life and Wealth
of Spirit. Don't give up your Civil Rights.
Keep with your Rhythmic Revolution that harms
None and Nothing and only Inspires. America,
these are your Youth and look what they're Given,
a Disastrous Dance Craza that won't shut Down.

Each word is a Pilotfire of Verse.for Life and the Freedom to Live It!

Each word is a Pilotfire of Verse.
To the four Directions, let's Serve
the Might of Voice with Notice.
We have something to say.
William Carlos Williams
would call it Savor.
Say Words with Taste.
Like Americans Should.
Quit it with Spreading
Diseases we Doctors
must Cure  While
our own Children
go without Us.
We are their
Scribes, Listen to this
Dr. Rhee, (yes like Risa,
good-hearted humor).
And don't speak of the
Heroes with
Celebration for they Seek
no Attention
save that which is Needed
for Life and the Freedom
to Live It!

las Lumbres Existencias

mecho Melodia
por mi penar alma
larga Rueda
dando Vuelta
media imágen
palabra espejo
que en la Blanca
Oja encuentra
La Piel
de le Page

Fueron las
gotas hechas
de papel
festivo, el de mi
piñata cuando
fui nena Inocente
frente el pais
en Guerra

La inseguridad
de esas claves
las que
a mi familia
por donde
hubo preferencias

Tal que ahora
Vida adiVina
tu Esencia
la Lumbre

Friday, January 14, 2011

My freedom with your Foam becomes a Poem.

Rockin my Poetic Fiat:  Muses,
remove those Hair rollers, release your Curls.
Just to see you Natural, Afro'd, Lacia,
It doesn't Matter which. We need Ruses
to Feed Jealous Charlatans and Bosses
They give us all Their Work and then Abuse
our Graces. Let them walk Unknowing among us
that we Record their Melodrama for our Purposes.

--Fine Porpoise if I hadn't found you Yet,
would your Migration cross my Corral Bar
in Night Spells of Oceanic Inlets
to Offer me a Ride? Your Fins are Wet.
You and I got something Good Going ON:
My freedom and your Foam made a Sonnet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Her Beauty of which I haven't spoken conquers that of the Eternal Sonnets.

--How much more praise deserv’d thy beauty’s use
                                                William Shakespeare

First born daughter of a first born daughter,
she was made to be a Model Sister.
Take a look at her Eyes then Step Aside
because she will look back. It's her Inside
poise--an Inner Kitten--Don't try to Leash
her for you will Fail and soon Regret
you tested your Strength on her Elegance.
For I know what I'm saying when I tell
of Pride for my Big Sister Dolores.
No, she's not taking Prisoners. Farewell!
Join the Exiles of her Kingdom. No
room for Excuses, no time for Sadness.
Her Beauty of which I haven't spoken
conquers that of the Eternal Sonnet.