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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Courageous You are, Mother of VersesI will be strong, free and Liberated.

How courageous you are Mother of Verse
who plants the seeds of the Hour in  Truths
of dispersal, in Alterego Altars I kept Vigil--
la Diosa de Hookie La Hookie La.
I owe her a Tribute and this is it:
Keeper of the Exploited, the Hungry,
and Mistreated whose Bread is Snatched
away by a Superpower, Angry
Cuckholded Cocksucking Whore and those Friends
of Starched Collars and Tuxedos (who me?
No not me!  I was forced and would rather
be Watching TV).  There that Suffices.
I won't be distracted by distractions.
I will be strong, free and Liberated.

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