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Monday, January 10, 2011

Petals in the Page of the Book for a Tender Girl Child

As there are no Choices, make Decisions

Like driving to the              Bay and listening
Country which is Fine        When it's not CorpWrit
Dead of Desire                    Overfilled with Power
I Reckon, Cowgirls             Calves in their Pre-Teens
Elementary                          School, SUMMIT, where I first
wrote a Poem                      Protect the Females
who want to Become          Leaders in Service
to Humanidad                     Keep their Tender Skulls

Young and Green and Unspilt of their Flowers
Guard them as my Grandmother Edith did 
when she put a Bouquet of One between
the pages of a Book. In that place
I left you a Petal, Tender Girl Child.

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