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Monday, January 10, 2011

that Gains where Best it Subsists: not Mecca.

Enchanting Poem, what is your Purpose?
Why exist at all?  Why bother with Measure?
There is no Public Trust in your Diction,
your Predilection, nor your Precision.

Gut it ti tuG!  Le problemme c'est Tremende
It begins in the Morpheme, rose Petal
of Sequence, accent, and Scintillation.
A Sonnet has uses for Connoisseurs.

For it Knows where and when to Descend.
Every Descent person should Demand Art
that is Clear concerning the D-Cadence:
False Truths are a Taint on Attenuated

Nerves.  Discord belongs to an Aesthetic
that Gains where Best it Subsists: Not Mecca.

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