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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ariel in Chains

Let them Try let them Growl let them Howl
til they Burst with Moral Pimples the Crest
has been Seething with Hatred Hostile
to Truth and Repair. This is Shakespeare, some
drop of his Cum what more can I say?
You're abusing the Family Jewels, You
are an Anti-History Gangster, a Caveman
who held back the Humans from being
what was GIven them to Be...Killercidic
Take a Step to the Back, you're Rythms
haltering Progress. Get it on Get it On.
What else will you steal back from History
to explode what is Sacred because it
Subsists on  your Sperm of poor Value,
What else can Equate with your DrooloorD?

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