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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Para un Pintor Deciso to Gilbert LMagu Improv to a Youtube

"If you make bad decisions it's because
you're not painting or making sculptures. Get
on with it! said el Pintor.....the Color's Changed!
...I'm going to make some adjustments here for
the sake of Perspective. ...painting Forty
years, I only live with this painting in
               the  m o m e n t
                  t m  eht
how to live in this world -------
------      a Bachelor....Våmos a Decidir
a decidir Algo   and make good choices
by trying out others    and perhaps we'll
go back to the first one five times over
       al Vago Soneto sin Pareja
     Listo a Pintar y para Darle 
  mi Tiempo regalåndote mi Tono 
a tí,  Misterioso Encendidor Arte"

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