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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want my Prez on a Large Screen TV:A Muse's Amnesty Hip Hip Hurray

I want my Prez on a Large Screen TV:
were he truly to impress with Amnesty,
I think I'm exploding at first suggestion.
Excuse me MIchele, I'm harmless j'accorde.
You too have Cause for Jealousy, Barack.
Imagine all the Men....Oh just forget it, I'm
back in my Corner, a Poet without Hope
is a Good Association to anyone who
wishes to Appear Moderate. Take the Cover
I offer you.  Here it goes an AMerican
Amnesty~~~Hip Hop Hurray! Si Se
Puede. Yes We Can. We can Legalize
our Harvest of Hardworking Muses, Peeps,
Students, Dreamers and Quakers, All

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