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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Burning hot for my Freedom to Speak.

I'm steaming hot for my Freedom to Speak.
my Search for my Rhymes has its adVantages.
Drink my Word Wine, it is an Elixir
of Timely Truths that Explode, Crash and Burn.
Let's be Magnanimous suominangaM
and Reversify at Last, such Prosaic
Endurance is faltering and NickNacks
proceed by Languid Verse-Schmucking around
burning the Fossil Fuels of All Patience,
I've Preserved my Ability to Yack.
Let's dress ourselves Up in Self-possession
wearing our own Threads, Styles and Designs
It's the Sonnet's Enduring Elegance
that Lights the Flame at the End of our Dance.

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