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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We're almost Done except for the 14th ....where has it Gone?

Follow my Steps, 1-2--1-2--1-2
There you go. Keep trying. It's not EZ
to be Yourself when there's so much Racket
about People not Belonging. Talk Less
of SkinTone and more of Appendages.
Like these finger Tips when they move their Pads.
They dance a Freedom Waltz from left to Right.
Ten steps all Together on Two Feet times
5. You can Yes you can. Here comes ..... the End
Turn it and then Resume. See, how Simple
it is to write with Liberty's Graceful
muscles, Vision, Equilibrium.
Everyone can do it. We're almost Done:
We're at the 14th ....but...where has it  Gone?

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