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Thursday, January 20, 2011

whatever other quality it lacks, is vernacular ralucanrev. SHake Shake

  Thank you for your sage words. X, I found your sonnets to glisten by the syntax you used (of extension). It reminded me that there is moisture in our language. The shadow struck me as a darkness of a water spill.  It reminds me I am also a being of liquid. There is a book by Garcon which Catharine asked me to interpret 21st C. Ornamental Arts of Language. She helped me and made me remember not to be angry which was advice and advocacy. In sum, these dramatics seem of the import of something important we belong to....I don't think anyone can say I'm not a decent writer. I haven't had a career that has allowed it, but who does?  My muse pushes me toward philology for some tendon of thought.  This as well as what I will loosely call the strokes or contrastokes of Chicano poetry. Not necessarily dissonant at its most aggressive.  For Example kindpeople: Whatever anyone wishes to believe, this portends of a consciousness that whatever other quality it lacks, is vernacular ralucanrev. SHake Shake. Rhythms to Re-Versify.
Emily Dickinsen said it all too well: I never saw the ocean    I never saw the sea.  ---but I know how a Heather Looks and what a Wave must be.

Water is emotional

  I think of the ocean as the Poem's Interface.  Your sonnets have Filigree, as of Ornaments.

I see a road that forks ahead and end in the Mind.

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