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Friday, January 14, 2011

My freedom with your Foam becomes a Poem.

Rockin my Poetic Fiat:  Muses,
remove those Hair rollers, release your Curls.
Just to see you Natural, Afro'd, Lacia,
It doesn't Matter which. We need Ruses
to Feed Jealous Charlatans and Bosses
They give us all Their Work and then Abuse
our Graces. Let them walk Unknowing among us
that we Record their Melodrama for our Purposes.

--Fine Porpoise if I hadn't found you Yet,
would your Migration cross my Corral Bar
in Night Spells of Oceanic Inlets
to Offer me a Ride? Your Fins are Wet.
You and I got something Good Going ON:
My freedom and your Foam made a Sonnet.

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