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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Funny Way you Confuse me with Another Latina

The funny way you confuse me with another Latina,
as if we are the same person you can't
tell apart even if we're of different
races, countries, nations, or languages--
Look at me, it's no mystery I'm Chata
with long hair and rancheras in my Dreams.
She over there is from the Caribe,
the Antilles, Rio Platense, Queens.
To you we are indistinguishable,
hard to discern, so you mismatch our names.
Here I am and my Credo, "la Vida
no Vale nada," while she's happiest
when she's dancing a Rumba. So, it stands
to reason that you fear I'm a Communist
That's not true but thanks for the Compliment.

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