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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Day I'll be a Bird at the Door (For Christina Green)

--I want to serve my country, Christina Green, 9 years of age

I will sing even when there's no one near-
by, because I want to serve my country
more than I want to be a warrior.
Who who chooses a weapon to speak for
them? Who? Who? The owl whose eyes are mine, Great
and open-wide... far .......away from a world
that isn't Mine.  I leave for my island
happy sea home where my rhymes will flourish
perhaps find their equals.......Why I am so
Unusual though the trees find no fault
in the Pines? Where will I find the Green Door
of Spring? There where Lorca left it ajar
it's hinges were designed to be Opened
as children at tea parties once had Fun.

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