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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First Fruits of Knowledge cured in the Vinegar of Lost Innocence.

A Spilt Flower and Its Petals, Mirror
of AsymmetRicaL RhythmhtyhR....
Meter of Passion    TimeKeepersTime:
the Sonnet of tens a TearDrop moistens.

Where do I find your Muse, Mule of Form?
Labors of Painstaking Melodia?
The stem is a Ladder, the Blossom-Touch
that Runs Forward for the Caress of Gaze.

Beauteous Herbs that were singed by the Blare
too soon did they Climb while they still had Sheaths
for skin and not yet their Full Color....Dead
Crumbled and Seeded where they were Splattered.

The first fruits of Knowledge leached in the Brine
of Innocence--Bloom Bold New Corolla.

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