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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

La Piñata de la Amnistîa: La Rompe la Justicia y aQuellos se lo Comen

"You can do it, Billy," my son assured
Gabriela's son at the Piñata, 5
years old, a SuperHero in his mind
his Imagination: a country can
have a heart.  It can! And a conscience, méme,
a concept in Sound. Let's be Free Again!
Return to our Fundamental Civil
Rights which were Supported with Emotions.
For happiness is Constitutional.
Let it Pass! No, we better not! It does
Not fit in with Present Circumstances.
(It's that Border that keeps getting Wider)
"It needs to go on a Diet or Die
of its own Misery!  -excuse me its not Alive.

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