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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burned Alive by Hope >Imagine< A Trope can be Useful.

Burned alive by Hope: La Esperanza
que andas mira que sí en Tacones
del tamaño de unas Lanchas y con
Moños de Polka Dots that are Raised
up like Seeds that are Inflamed by
the Force to Live, desde la Vida
hasta la Muerte. Ellos creen que después
se van a ir a verse en el Cielo. No es
Cierto pero se dejan pensar.  Tirili, Tirili

Empezamos contigo y te nos escapaste,
Malvada Desilusión de Púpiles bronces.
Ay que sí,  aquí estoy Fregando y tu andas
en la Calle. Y no me toques con esas
Manos de Fierro.  I can match that. I can.
Hope is a Needle in the Eye of Time.
Don't let another Day pass in Contempt
in your Heart if Hope is Futile in Any Case.

Only Hope can reach such Temperatures.
Only Hope can satisfy the Urge to Burn
from a Memory from long Ago, which came
from IDK Where, but there it was, A Pyre
and a Goblin decorating Dismay
go to It: The Bar-B-Q,
Burned Alive by  Hope is >Imagine<
daily Vision alight again.

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