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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Viejo who sits the coalfire here in my Image, Keep the Artists from fear

I know some good ones from Arizona:
the Sensitive Poets who serve as Scribes
during Emergency Times and Shipwrecks.
They Ignite Strong Spirits and Cabezas.

Dear Clear Thought: I see you've been Extinguished.
And though my Poems were my way to Freedom,
I'm feeling Closed in, a Tight Squeeze
in my Throat, migraine, Allergies, Azucar.

You see, there are Fine Frequencies of Sound
that reach my Deepest Ear, where the Heart Drums
a Peaceful Ranch Song or a Gaucho Tune
We are free are We are free are We free?

Viejo sitting still at the coalfire
here in my Image you've chased off my Fear.

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