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Monday, January 10, 2011

c/Safos Eros y Flecha de Niñita Tragedia.

Volcanic cinders, I write with your Ash.
Electromagnetically Yours, a Poet.
There's a name for Collateral Damage
Poetical laciteoP Death
Disservice to the Women and Children,
An Egg has been Damaged: Here is the Yoke:
"So you Say I'm only Good for 1 THING 
Oppressor?!" My pentameter Alone
has five Feet of two Steps in Fourteen Lines.

Abacus of Meter! They say One must
not Bite the hand that Feeds me but it's Forced
its way past myTongue--Soy EdiThORa:
ya estufas!  Las Navajas del Eros
y Sus Flechas, Niñita Tragedia.

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