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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THe NIght When Two Term Obama was Born : Hi-5's which Comprise the American Sonnet

That night 6 Pacific Time, it happened...
the Night when Two-Term Obama was born.
Soothing emotional America out
of her Manic Period, her Paranoid
era. All that's up Front without Shame's Face.
We are our own own our are We. People,
the name of the Game is Invocation
of our Own Rights to Express. Wherever
we are.  Alight! Let the Citizenry
expand. You are mine, Immigrant, Dreamer,
Gay Youth, Scientist, Mime, and Poeta=
Whoever you are, I am that too, too.
My words raise their Arms and Give up Hi-5's
that Reprise an American Sonnet

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