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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We activists know no Problem's too Tough:John Boehner broached a Smile

His Chagrin and below that, a Lilac
Tie, John Boehner broached a Smile.
I saw it Glimmer-Float around his Lips.
I believe it--he is worth my While.
Let me depict him. His Deep and Sanguine
Cheeks, a Glow like a Red Apple shining
on his Nose and a Dark rose in brow.
So they say he's ready to give Hardness
to Cries, to Chants for Social Justice, Paz....
which is This Thing we call Peace without Which
we sense our Dismay. Let us have our Day.
We've worked two days to each of your halfShifts.
We're not just the Hot Swing Voters no More.
We Activists know no Problem's too Tough.

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