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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Airwaves of a Feud=Fight Club Meaning

I Elle-E-Vate you to a Poem, with Arms
held up, "Sin Justicia No Hay Paz,"Social
justice is Right not Left of Center, its Arts
of Humanity and SuperPowers
don't Fear It--Indeed, they Embrace Us.
We Mother Fuckas with Some Attitude,
Style, grace, and a Heart. We staking Out
a New Century. Come on Let's Speed Things
Up, not Down, not Underneath, off the Cliff---
No!  Not at all!  It's Preservation of Life, get a Grip
it will be Good for Your Better Fate
Mine is to UnRavel the Rhymes of Other
Makers, not Mine in my Hourly Gig
on Airwaves of a Feud=Fight Club Meaning.

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