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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm the Gangsta of Sonnets let it Ride Shakespeare you're a Fling

I'm the Gangsta of Sonnets let it Ring.
Shakespeare was a Fling. I broke it down once
and I'll say it again. I fled to your Hood
and was beaten down by a Mob of Fists.
And yet I prevailed. I gave my Grit
to your Muse that is True.  This Eternity's
a Nightmare. Long live the pentameter
of 14th Street Locos. I've seen better
times and yet I Sound Clear for the Noose Cut
through me a Tracheotomy of Rhymes.
It's forever for us? Then let it Stand.
I've prepared a Mask for Surprises: My
how I admire that Infinite Gaze
of yours Verse which is Permanently Mine.

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