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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Cynical Lover, I'll Meet you at the Press Conference: Undocked Ships

Hey Cyclical Lover, I'll meet you at the Press Conference.
Hot love can't wait a Day! All the 'Undocked'
Ships of Sexy Political Passion
are like Magic Ships of Wonder that Sail
across the Seas to Hold things Together
for Me.  Like this joven Carlitos Curls
and Smiles and Velvet voice of Kinder
Powers, Thoughts of Love and Harmony.
Such a Manso de Belleza does not
Conquer with Force. He is a GentleYouth.
He shows by Example that he is More
than a Paper can Show. And the Others
Forget it, they're not Victims---WaterTight
Vessels crossing the Turbulent Ocean.

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