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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WikiWiki ikiW ikiW : Palindrome of Freedom for Julian Assange

Sonnet Again?  I step away and they're
back, calling in their Sweet way, five times
two feet with the consent of Rhyme, my ym.

Is that so? Pues si is seuP, Palindrome
take me Away! Is it Exile you Seek
Sith of Truth, Julian? Join your Sister
in Lore: I am a Sonneteer. What's more,
I'm also a threat to those who fear Poems.

--Please people understand I am different
not by Decision! I'd rather be Bored
enough to watch Television, Normal
as Hell. Ya estufas with Prejudice, Wrongs
and Secret Intelligence leading to Death
Songs of Innocence and Experience.

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