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Thursday, January 27, 2011

For a Beaner and a Mexican you are a Fancy Talker:Bouquet of Verses, these Cherished Flowers: A Discourse in 3 Brother Sonnets

Bouquet of Verses, these Cherished Flowers
en Cuicatl I bring them to You, Sovereign
human of Noble purpose...Are you uh
talking to Me? What do I know of Aztlan?
You talkin bout that uh, Reconquista? 
What is of more interest to me is my Free-
dom, the Right to be Happy and American
for the first Time Genuinely So, brother.
I'n no stranger to you.  I'm your Head Chef,
your Mechanic, Neighbor, Colleague
we are the same. Your indifference to me 
as a Worker reflects on you Alone.
I let it go and improved as a Man.
Take all I have. Here. So what about you?
How are you Doing? I'm anxious to Hear
what your intentions yield for you. As for
me, I have nothing left to give you,
not even one Ounce of Hate. On the 
contrary, I wish you a Civil Happy Life.
(The Perfume of Progress astonishes 
with New NeuroFlora, Thought Strata,
Milky Way, Mystery, Sky, The Great
Spirit I sense with each Breath.
This Gift of Life is Abundant beyond
Survival, beyond Futuristic 
Fascination...Wherever you are, there
is much more that Surrounds you
from Infinity ~~a Stark Cloud, a Cool
Blue Logo from a Childhood Shirt.
The Leaves of a Stem have reached 
forth with a Dose of Oxygen, a
Comfortable Substance, Your qualities
have Changed, Synthetic, Non-
Organic but wholeheartedly Human.
Human Rights to Happiness that Once
were evoked, let them Sound with new
Rhythms....This is a Tribute I offer
as a First Token of Our Defiance
to False Authority without Merit
which condemns us as Cowards and Foes.)
"For a Beaner and a Mexican you
sure are a Fancy Talker."  Cultured Words
encircled in Beautiful Diadems
of Buds that will Bloom for all Citizens.

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