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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excuse yourself when your Bias sets In,Ode to your Racist Desires

Excuse yourself when your Bias sets In,
take note of It and call it your Own, Ode
to your Racist Desires. Turn Around
take a Phrase such as "Just Do It" and Spin
Spin it around- (Pop) (Drop Pop) prejudice.
Just watch it walk Away as Narcissus
if he'd only learned Lessons of his Crown--
they are Discretion, Poise, Measured Judgement
and not Hot Blooded facismo by Spoons
of small Doses.  Eat my Shit said the Ghost
of your Terror when it sat at my Dinner Table
every Night.  Somewhere in that Miasma
were two Innocents possessing the Eyes
of my Children Frightened to Sleep at Night.

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