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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dactylic America I begin with You and Introduce you to a Poet Father

C N N...A B C..Rythms of Truth
with no Measure or Modicum Surplass
Ups and Downs, USA, a Three Beat Foot
begins with accented Verse, what Asses
Are..A Burro, always wears a Cross on its Spine.
And even with dignified and Humble
viejitos. "Otra ya te hubiera dejado!"
She's charging her Engine.  She'll keep them alive
And he who believes.Our Rhyming should seek Kind
Truths of Good conduct one to ANother, all
People we must SHelter whether Immigrant,
and Indian. The government has decided  in your Speak you Call
them by Categories, we are all made by Someone,
Someone who works by infinitesimal equality
of Design..Divine Touch on our Universe,
Imagination of Light. Poetry is a lantern in the Windows of Time,
Hour our our Hour we belong together, Cousin.

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