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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When do we want it?I scream when I'm hot, I scream when I'm hot.

Observe close Up!  Flip it Over!  It walks
upon two five-fingered feet!  C'est human?
Who me, or us? She's gone looking over
her Offspring, they're some Outstanding Weasels
these Dormant Poets and their Like-Kindred.
We shall overcome! What do we want? Peace.
When do we want it? Ahorita, ya Estufas.
We're waiting since the Méndez decision
for Schools that respond to Needs of the Youth,
Dignity is essential --  All four Years
of it without Barreras Perjuicios
and Favoritisms. Watch, I'm the water
in the TeaPot, pressure in the Boiler.
I scream when I'm hot, I scream when I'm hot. 

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