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Monday, January 24, 2011

IliteraDee eeDaretilI

IliteraDee eeDaretili

a Rhythm of a Pell Mell Melody

Spectrum of fo murtcepS .......... Words  

Drip Droping Da D's by Fourteen Rows Ease

I got one plus one times Five another
and another Turn....because it Resumes.

where is I am here right where I belong

not there is where I've gone esreV a Verse

to the boldly lit dimness of an Ode
to a Sonnet sculpted  
a Tacit Urn

There there , far beneath, down below it Rends

which begins of its own backing me Lull

~~~ Reversal a Music of Reversal ~~~

Counting in Form 
a word line in Sound Time.


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