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Sunday, January 30, 2011

a Spectacles of Sonnets.not mere Cruelties of Survival or Disrepute of Artistic Labor.

Your poems will be of Circuses, of Clowns
and Trapeze Artists. The Lion Tamer's
Son will act as Muse. Listen when he Cries.
Remember that your own Sweet Innocence
he contains within his Eyes. Realize
you are not the First nor are you the Last,
to Perform your Role in the Amusement,
as though it were a Separate Exercise,
not the mere Cruelty of Survival
in Disreputable Artistic Trades:

The Tragic Mode Americana
The Festival of Lances, Spears, Arrows
and The Grand Finale--these Vaudeville Acts
shall conclude the Spectacles of Sonnets.

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