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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Maria Izquierdo, what D'yu Say? Somos Mujeres en el Ritmo Cosmopolito.

Dear Maria Izquiero, what D'yu Say?
FIrst lines are Useful for Memory Waked
rhythms, They sway sway Sway
like a Lightning in the Chest and even Tears
in her Eyes. Let's get Going, Evelyn,
wherever it is Better than Here. How Time Flies
when Anguish is your Muse. Elizabeth,
like a Queen of Verse of Truth, Que Vivan
los esTudianTes...Ra ra ra Como no? Si SP.
Then we Switch Direction. It's very Simple
when you do it Without Fear. Inner Will.
El Poder de la Mujer sin Limite y ninguna
Barrera.  Con que Sinsanto a ti te Crecieron?
Somos Mujeres en el Ritmo Cosmopolito.

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