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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Imagination in Platform Shoes of Ciudad Juárez

There in the Centro or near it, when my Tía
had her Studio where she sewed Velvet Curtains
and her boys in their Wine Corduroy Jeans
would Swish-Swish by me, mis Primos
who have died one at a time, except when
two passed the same year, have made Tía
less Tía…..I can still remember her in Brilliant
Skirts and Platform Shoes, and cargando
con los Costales, full of gifts for me when
I was a little girl. Her power for Words known
to everyone for she spoke them with sonic
magic, each one crashed to the floor where
I heard it and I’d ask her, “Tía ,qué es eso?”
And she answered by dropping some more.

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