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Monday, January 10, 2011

It's the Little Things about that Brewer:but shouldn't U get Busy with Peace?

It's the Little Things about that Brewer,
--Se lava los dientes? It's a Face Lift Grrr,
the Witch who Snatched Hansel and Gretel,

Her regular Gig is that of the Dual
StepSisters of Cinderella. She plays
Both roles for she can fly from side to side
on the Stage el OdioidO.

~~Saltillo, Terra Cotta, Mosaico~~
Red mounTain that's Falling on top of us:
What Can be Heard inside the walls of the World
where Our Sound and Sense we once Understood?

We may not be able to Prevent a Crime
like this but shouldn't you get busy with Peace?

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