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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We are Street-Walking PoetsAKA they whisper we're Bohemians.

Who says there Can't be Peace? Who says that by
Billions we People aren't Tough with Love
for a Mode of Expression? A sta-stab
in the Dark, a two-partitioned Rhythm:
see what I mean? There is an Elegance
in these Cabezas , the Mind, it has Will
to Suspend us in Animation Surr-
ender your Arms of Disaster, Distaste
and Verbal Abuses. While you Stage your
contests, we Make-Do on the Concrete.
We are Street-Walking Poets. Want some of
us? We believe in la plebe, Artists,
students and thinkers, and Civil Gentes.
Shhh, I whisper now, we're Bohemians.

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