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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Verse avec Padam Padam a Verse

This is it for it's no Other, ma Amor.

Where is the root?

              in a Dream Absconded

and Shaken   with   Force           a - t h i n g

   r a s p  is better'en     Slipping ping ping ping

ping Shall we Ping?    La vie en Rose     I'll take

it from here.  A Revolution of Poesy

~~~~~~una MoVida,    mo' vida   mo' vie

....Once upon a time before we had It

Time emiT                Petals of a Rose,    padum

padum,   la Resistance Resistance al

love if this is You and You are this love

           Avec mes souvenir

        j'allumé       la feu

    Avec mes souvenir

j'allumé    la feu

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