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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a Sonnet is an invincible artifact. Sappho’s line endured by our Calo. C/S

Dear Sonnet, why was it always your Form
I sought without seeking? It’s such a Hold-
Over so why use It you ask? None other
do I have within reach, and this one controls
my mind, my thinking, my rhyme, my being:
it is all of the Mass of an Atom, it's Oxygen
Ozone and Nitrous, a Carbon Family.  YesseY

We are at a midway point a Window
or a Mirror.  Far too long has there Been
the Sound and Reason mantra and the Drawl
of Hate it Expounds by Self-Mimicry.
We know our way around Staunch Semantics.
The Sonnet's an invincible Art/Fact:
Sappho endures in Calo, C/S.  

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