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Friday, January 28, 2011

I will Represent what I can, Mamá:Another Sonnet

Don't worry I'll keep them near me, Verse Muse,
your Children will become my own to Nurse
on Rhymes Internal of Bliss, Palabra
arbalaPadam Padam alabra,
a Poetic Foreknowledge, Edith's gift
after Awl Between en Caesura--
A Bobbin to Begin with and a Thread,
a Needle or two, the Foot and the Eye,
Tension You don't Touch it, Only I can
set it right and not even the Owner of the Repair
Shop could do it, so don't even Touch it!
Technology Mother of Invention,
what can you stitch by Similitude, Words?
I will Represent what I can, Mamá

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