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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some Mixed Up Gendered Macha Rhyming SonetO

The artist knows the Unconscious now you've
been informed, my Choices were not Given
to me so I Make my Own decisions.
Without my access to Spice or to cloves,
I made Good use of Common House Flours:
You be my Frida, I'll be your Diego.
And, together, You and I will Conquer
the World we take down by all Fours,
the Ordinary Ruses are no Match
for the Muses, Ya Estufas, son Estas
Las sin Ninguna Alma ni Harmonia
no Deben ser tan Vanas a Corregir
a La Serena Palabra de una Macha
Yo s oY Calafia, Hija de Ser.

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