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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whitsleblowers Melody:I'm not a Radical just a Sonnet. Ethnic Studies Cradle to the Cane

If you are from the same country...but what
if you aren't? Now There's a good question.
Let me think About it---Okay here goes:
what's wrong with acknowledging Common
Roots? Ethnic Studies from Cradle to Grave!
This Life is All about US in our Fruitful Disguise.
We need to know More.  Such as Rotational Force--
What are its Origins? And what are Mine?
I'm Young and without a Notion of Things,
and the Everyday Changes I face.....Written
in Some Stars are Directions for me.
Is the answer in my Mother Tongue Twice
Removed...?.--Retrospect what do you Say?~~
I, Epimetheus, Remember well
my First Lesson, by a White Man, my Father:
"Do you see Rabbit Mountain over there?
If you say I can't Return, I prefer Death
for I cannot live away from my Home."
And so he also told Us,"there are Lands
that are Leased without Payment to Indians
which is Wrong.  They are losing all their Rents.
And this was all Kept in Secret until
I spoke Up." Whistles run in the Family,
and mine Sounds like this. I Sing to the Skies
for the Justice Denied and my Rhythms,
are against the Evil attacking Rhyme
for being itself, Honest and Sincere.
I'm not a Radical but a Sonnet.

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